This blog post has had to spend almost two months in my ‘drafts’ – it’s actually taken me two months to write it because I’ve had photos to add.

It began one October Sunday, when I spent the day with Nicola. She was having to explain to me about her husbands trips to the auctions; he had taken an umbrella and a tin of food (in date) to go in a box that he was going to put into an auction. I was confused by it. Do people actually buy this crap? This is when I learnt that the crap is actually called bric-a-brac.

I had to see it for myself, so I went with Nicola’s husband to the auctions.

Before we left, Nicola told me that if I didn’t want to stay that she would come and collect me and take me back to Nanna’s. I actually thought that I would end up calling her, but I got there and I actually found it quite pleasant (albeit a bit chavvy…***).

While looking at the stuff – furniture and the boxes of crap (or, bric-a-brac if you would prefer) and the laptops and the televisions, two items caught my eye. This is why I haven’t been able to publish this blog post before because Ellie is subscribed to my blog. Whether she actually reads my blog or not is up to her, but I didn’t want to spoil her Christmas!! I lost the model boat (it started selling at £14!) so my dreams of playing with the model have sailed, but I did get the thing I most wanted. As soon as I saw it I said to Nicola’s husband: “wow, Ellie would love that”. In my head I was thinking “if it looked different”.

I have never been to an auction before, so I was quite keen, once there, to see it through to the end. It’s not like the auctions I have seen on the TV. On the TV people aren’t eating their dinner while bidding on their £2 set of drawers or their 10 kettles for £3. It was quite an (enjoyable) experience and I cannot wait to go again! I might get another project for a fiver!

I like the structural design, I just hate all the bits that add onto it. I strongly suspect that Ellie wouldn’t be keen on it in it’s current state. So, I will remove all the metal, clean it, sand it down, repaint it, put transfers on it, buy new hinges and new handles and make it a bit nicer than what it currently is. I hope that I can pull it off with help from YouTube and remembering what I have been taught over the years…

I am using tissue napkins to do the ‘transfer’ bits – they’re not the best, but I’ve done the best that I can!! I’m kind of new at transferring tissue napkins onto bits of wood. Maybe I should have had a trial run first, but I’m rather hoping that the mess-ups that I make can be hidden and fobbed off as “shabby chic”!

The doors, in the end, were rubbish. Once I got them off, I couldn’t reattach them. And the decorative insert on one of them got a bit broken when I dropped it on the floor… But, this is the finished product, and Ellie seemed quite happy with her Christmas present (which was the main objective…).


***Maybe I am like my paternal grandmother, after all… a snob…