7 days of black and white photos

The blurb is:

7 days, 7 b&w photos of your life. No people, no explanation. Nominate someone different every day
I challenge [enter name here]

Well, Facebook says I can’t give an explanation, but I reckon I can here on my blog…

Photo 1


It is a photo of a shawl that I am knitting – it’s full of mistakes but this is the first time that I have used lace, so, mistakes included, I’m really pleased with the outcome. This photo was taken when I had 4 rows to knit – it’s now complete. It’s a raspberry ripple coloured lace and I hope that my Nanna will like it. She likes most of the rubbish I give her (scarecrows on sticks, lumps of rock and badly knitted/sewn together Christmas elves!) so I think there’s a good chance she will like this shawl…

Photo 2


Remember I wrote about some fireworks that were cancelled, where I was quoted for something out of context? Well, the display was put back on three nights later and I went. This is a photo I took on the night and then I added the black and white filter. I figured that it contributed as a photo of my life because I was in attendance of the fireworks πŸ™‚ They were really rather beautiful.

Photo 3


This is the “dumping ground” of my life. As soon as I get home, I hang things up – my hand bag, my keys, my scarf, my hat. It is the first place I properly visit when I get home (after dumping shopping in the kitchen or running up to pee) and the last place I visit before I go out. Sometimes I even say “thank you” to these pegs as I take my key!

Photo 4


I took this picture of my life because it demonstrates how easily I get ripped off when eating out. I went to a craft place and decided to get myself some lunch while I was there. A chicken sandwich, a slice of cake and a cup of hot chocolate came to just short of Β£10. It would have been cheaper for me to go to McDonalds or KFC. The prices weren’t very clear, so when I got to the till I asked “HOW MUCH?” and then muttered something about it being cheaper to have gone to McDonalds for a McChicken McSandwich McMeal…

Photo 5


I took this picture at the same time as I took the previous picture. It’s some yarn I bought – 200g. It’s a turquoise/blue/brown colour – it’s nicer than it sounds and it was cheaper than I thought it would be (an extra bonus!).

Photo 6


This is one of my favourite mugs to drink from. It was a gift from my Guide Unit when I left to move away. I think it has magical powers because it keeps my tea warmer for longer than my normal mugs πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I didn’t take this picture because of the mug. I took the picture because it was my first mug of chamomile tea. I’ve been having difficulties sleeping at night and chamomile tea was recommended. I bought the cheapest tea that I could find – ASDA brand for 70-something pence. It actually tastes rather nice. Whether it’s helping or not, I don’t know…

Photo 7


I can’t write too much about this photo. It’s a secret. Top secret. Like, so secret, if I tell you, I’d have to hold you hostage until after Christmas…


Lights, shopping, action…


Last week, I went on a trip to Blackpool to see the Illuminations. They were fabulous – I hope to go again next year and maybe stay over for the night in a cheap B&B.


I have also been to 2 1/2 firework displays: one was cancelled, one was on the beach below where I live and the third one was the cancelled display. I love fireworks, so maybe I’m a bit bias, but they were exceptionally good! I always find that they start a bit disappointing but finish on a big bang with the finale – it’s always worth getting through!


I finally finished a shawl that I started in July! I didn’t follow the pattern to the letter, but given that I had so many mistakes in it – who cares? Are they even really mistakes? What if I deliberately put them there?



I also knitted a pair of “boot cuffs”. I don’t know why. I’m not sure that I’ll ever use them – they’re not my “thing”. I think I just wanted a change from scarves and shawls. I amended the pattern to suit me – also, I was worrying that if I followed the pattern to the letter that I might end up running out of that coloured yarn!!

Pattern (the amendments I made and followed):
Cast on 55 sts (3.75mm needles)
Rib for 10 rows
Knit – increase by 1 stitch every 9 stitches (6 extra stitches)
Switch to 6mm needles – stocking stitch for 25 rows
Switch to 3.75mm needles and garter stitch for 8 rows
Cast off and stitch up…

Boot cuffs

I also visited a shop which sells a lot of yarn. I mean, a lot of yarn. Like, loads of yarn. I think I need to sell my house and buy a house closer to it…


I had a call from Claire (the Clairvoyant (such a bad pun it deserves a LOL)). I was preparing to go out and I was somewhat suspicious because I had just written her name on a piece of paper so that I could buy some yarn for her. I seriously thought that she had a secret camera placed in my house and was phoning me to freak me out. She’s a turquoise lady (more aqua than green) so it’s been a bit tricky searching for the exact yarn for her. I think that I have found it now…


Well, I am being organised, aren’t I?! So far, I have bought one Christmas present, I have made another one, I’m refurbishing a third one, and I’m possibly making a fourth one… It’s a long time since I’ve been this organised – except in the summer when I bought / made and wrote birthday cards for the rest of 2017. I have also bought a 1 foot tall pink tinsel tacky Christmas tree to sit on my window sill once the 1st December arrives…

A Halloween blog post

I had envisioned this being a better blog post than it really is, but my plans changed and I haven’t been able to be very creative regarding this theme. So, I want to tell you all a story, share some “LOLs” and a few Halloween themed jokes…

The Broomstick…

A little story that my offline buddies may appreciate…

I took Himmy to Tesco on Saturday evening. She has just been given a mobile phone and she was quite keen to get a SIM card for it, so we went and had a look (for the second time that day) around Tesco. This time I needed some tablets and we saw a broomstick.

Flossie has a bit of a reputation of being a witch. I don’t mean like Hermione Granger or Professor McGonagoll. She’s more of a Bellatrix Lestrange. With this reputation in mind, Himmy asks “shall we buy Mum a new car?” For Β£1 I thought “why not?” and Himmy proceeded to take the broomstick and carry it around Tesco.

We went to the till and we paid. I had the tablets, Himmy’s SIM card, and something else (that I can’t remember). I paid for the items and some credit for the SIM card and we proceeded to gather our bits when Himmy says “what about the broomstick?” We’d forgotten to put it on the till. So, the lady did another transaction while I exclaim to Himmy “oh my gosh, we nearly went to prison over a broomstick for Flossie!” With all the embarrassment that she causes us, we were quite embarrassed that we had innocently forgotten about the broomstick!

Some “LOLs” from the last week…

Apparently they are L-O-Ls, not lolls, as I have been calling them. I have been corrected.

  • “She tells us we have to have table manners but she can’t even get her food into her mouth. It’s big enough, I don’t know how she misses it.”
  • “I took the present back. You don’t get to shout in my face and then get a present from me.” (concerning Christmas present for a teacher a few years ago)
  • “And she sat in the front of the class while we were working, eating a cream cake and making all these awful noises, like when mum eats”.
  • “She eats so many sausages. She has a whole draw full of sausages. She eats eight at a time. She eats them nearly every day. But, Becky, she says she’s on a diet! What is it? Eat all the food so we are on a diet?”
  • “When I come to live with you, where will my room be?” Me: “In another house”. Horace: “I am only little. I can go in your little room with the computer”.

My Halloween jokes – which are apparently awful…

Why do vampires need mouthwash? Because they have bat breath.
What’s a ghosts favourite treat? Ice Scream.
What do birds do on Halloween? They go Trick or Tweeting.
What do witches put in their hair? Scare Spray.
Who did Frankenstein take on a date? His ghoal friend.
What’s a witch’s favourite subject at school? Spelling.

Finally, a picture of me and one of my dates:

Taken a couple of years ago

Silly Becky…

Yesterday it was The Boy’s 23rd birthday. I posted his present on Monday – a cup (which as soon as I saw, I thought of Adam, even though I don’t think he drinks Tetleys) and some “posh” tea bags that I buy for myself when I want to have a “posh” cup of tea.

Yesterday, I had every intention of texting The Boy. I spoke to Nanna on Grandad’s phone and she asked if it were The Boy’s birthday. I replied to say that yes it was today and she said “I’ll message Fi in a few days to wish The Boy a happy birthday” and I replied “I’m going to text him, because I was too rushed to do it before I left home”.

I sat on the steam train and I took my phone out: it was dead.

Image result for doh cartoon
Found on Google Images

Where I haven’t been using my phone for social media while out and about (I don’t need to), my battery isn’t going flat as quickly as it has been. I simply overlooked the fact that it had been quite a few days since I last charged it. JimJam asked whether I had the battery charger that O2 sent me – no, that’s in my kitchen drawer!!

When I got home, I plugged the phone in, and I got a couple of messages. The first was from Fi, telling me that The Boy had informed her he hadn’t had a text from me. Rightfully so he made this observation – he sent me a text on my birthday! In the text I put in brackets “silly Becky” because I knew that The Boy would say “silly Becky” – after all, hearing “silly Daddy” is an only too common phrase… After I had sent the text, Fi replied to say that The Boy would say “silly Becky”.

I really am a “silly Becky”. Since I’ve had this phone, it’s gone flat so many times because I overlook the fact that I need to charge it. It’s not like the iPhone. The battery lasts for 2-3 days before going flat. It lasts even longer when I’m not using it as a mini computer, too!

So, “silly Becky” would like to apologise to The Boy and insist that I’m not like our father πŸ˜‰ I just forgot to charge my phone. It’s not as silly as some things that Dad has done πŸ˜›

It’s just metal…

I’ve looked, but I don’t have a photo on my phone or on my USB sticks that shows the big dent that was in the side of my Micra for most of it’s life. I remember when it happened – I was really, really gutted. I was determined to look after my car and I ended up with a big dent in the panel. But, then my Grandad said “it’s just metal”…

When I was in Ireland, I returned from an overnight stay on an island to find that my car had been keyed. I actually cried – why would anyone be so malicious to key my car? What did I do to upset them? I have some T-cut and it’s taking some of the scratch out, but I think I’m going to have to get a touch-up paint or something – but it’s just metal…

It’s just metal…

I recently learnt some news about someone that I’m close to. They’ve had the most awful accident in their car – they’re lucky not to be injured more than they are. While they’re (understandably) devastated about the state of their car, and other cars involved, I hear the voice ring out in my head: “it’s just metal”…

And, it isΒ just metal. Ok, it might be someone’s pride and joy. It might be someone’s lifeline. But, we must remember that the fact that we’re here is the most important thing. An intact life can put dented metal into perspective…

A bullet of yesterday

8am I was awake before the alarm but I still set it to snooze as I had a look at Facebook and read a few pages of my Viz annual. I kept an eager eye on the time because I had to brown the stewing steak and add an onion to my pot of vegetables which were waiting to be turned into a beef stew in the crock pot. After having some breakfast (buttered toast), I hot footed it upstairs to wash and dress so that I was out of the door by 9:30am.

10:30am was the time of my appointment. I parked at the park and ride and I was in the clinic for good time. However, I was kept waiting. There were patients before me who needed more time. I probably also took up more time than I was allotted, so I won’t complain. I finally got seen at gone 11:30. My only complaint was that I was sat under the television having to listen to Homes Under the Hammer and whatever drivel followed that. It could have been worse. It could have been Jeremy Kyle. Consultant was happy with what she saw, but that entailed me going onto do another mission…

12:45pm I was getting a bit anxious that I needed to be home for the afternoon, so quickly ditched my retail therapy plan and made a beeline for the pharmacy where I collected my single 150mg dose of Fluconazole for the thrush that the consultant has seen. I have to return tomorrow (or today because this blog post is being published tomorrow) to collect HRT patches. I also purchased some paracetamol as it’s clear that I really do still need them. While waiting for my prescription to be dispensed, I went across the road to the bakery and spent Β£2.70 on a current slice and a Cornish pasty. I then went home, ate my lunch and browsed Pinterest while I waited for the Avon lady to come with my new lipsticks, etc.

5:45pm I’m home and waiting for someone (else) to call in. During the afternoon, I have been to Lidl (I bought a birthday present), The Range (I bought some personal stationary for myself and browsed kitchen stuff) and to Tesco where I bought what I set out to buy – a ‘gate’ clothes airer for Β£7. I then called into see the Recycled Teens where we had a catch up of their weekend away and my week away.

6:30pm I have had my guest call round and leave. I have hoovered upstairs and dusted. I haven’t done any real housework in a few weeks and I live under a quarry. Things get dusty and Flossie is coming on the week of the 23rd of October. I don’t want her to be moaning about my “dust” and her asthma. I think it’s tea time now…

8pm It’s time to settle down on the sofa and watch TV. My dinner is eaten, my washing up is done and I have a French Fancy and a cup of tea waiting for me.


I might end up falling asleep on the sofa, or I might actually make it up the stairs.

It’s been quite a dull and unadventurous day, really, hasn’t it? Tomorrow (today) is even duller, with not a plan in sight…

The last 10 years

2007 – I was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia

2008 – I was still bumbling along, waiting for a bone marrow transplant007

2009 – I got a bone marrow transplant and started on my access to higher education course

2010 – I embarked on my second year doing the access to higher education course and had my (temporary) colostomy reversed

2011 – I went to Disney for my 25th Birthday (and Fi’s 40th)488 Me and Tigger

2012 – I started my degree (yet to be completed) and began working again…

2013 – I was bumming around, working and studying, and living a “holiday life” as my brother used to frequently inform me (apparently they should have made holiday brochures about me)…

2014 – I went to Iceland for a week and saw the Northern Lights – something ticked from my “bucket list”.?????????????????

2015 – I re-evaluated my life and decided some changes had to be made…

2016 – I not only left home, but my brother and I became house owners. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our beach hut…15032253_10157761375750434_1670916052393167214_n

2017 – I have had a second bout of bad health within two years.