Apparently I am one of these “millennials”, being a 1980s baby. According to the media, we have our own vocabulary. Allegedly, we also have our own traits, but that’s not something I want to blog about. I don’t think you can stereotype an entire generation based on the “era” they were born in. I just want to learn about this vocabulary that I should be speaking…

Bae = before anyone else This is apparently what you call your wife/husband/partner. Facebook has taught me that this is some kind of an affectionate term. Facebook has also taught me that this is what women (generally) call their husband/male partner. I’m yet to read it used by a man towards a wife/female partner. When I first started seeing it written, I thought it was a spelling mistake. I thought people were misspelling “babe”.

Feels “Feel” what? “Feel” doesn’t explain what you feel. Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you euphoric? Are you angry? (Maybe they’re thirsty (see below))…

I can’t even I think I began to lose my temper the first time I heard this “phrase” being used. I wanted to scream “you can’t even, what?” It turns out it is me that is “not getting it“. If you hear “I can’t even” it means that they’re not happy. Just an FYI

Netflix and chill Wow. I have really been misusing this combination of words. My brother set me up with Netflix. All these times I’ve said “I’m chilling with Netflix” or actually invited someone to come and watch Netflix with me (and who have declined), in the millennial vocabulary of nonsensical speaking, when I’ve announced it to the outside world, I’ve really been announcing loads of sexual encounters?!

Thirsty I always thought if you were thirsty, you need a drink. Or, knowledge. Apparently, in the world of millennials, if you’re thirsty, you need attention. I hope that attention keeps people hydrated and educated.

Turnt This is the new, cool and improved word for drunk. I’ve never heard it used until I just read it, so I’m guessing it’s not that popular. What’s wrong with plain, boring “drunk”? Wazzed is also the new “drunk”.

Yas A word of approval. Basically, a misspelling on the world “yes”. This word is one reason why kids today struggle to spell properly.

YOLO = you only live once There is a small chance that, once in a while, I have been guilty of using this phrase. But I hope that I haven’t overused it. Or used it in the wrong “setting”. I wouldn’t make a cup of tea and announce that with “YOLO”. Actually, I wonder – are there any “correct” settings to use these awful millennial words and phrases?

There are loads of these words and phrases that define millennials – but I just don’t associate them with myself (except YOLO). I read these words and I think “I need 17-year-old sister to translate this for me”. For most of them, I don’t understand them. Feels? Just describe the emotion. What millennial phrases have you heard that you don’t understand? I totes want to hear about them.

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Nine years on – then and now

Nine years ago today I was patiently waiting in my isolation room, in the depths of London, for my second bone marrow transplant. I had ‘rejected’ the first and (thankfully) my donor had agreed to donate a second time to me. This is where the Queen and I have something in common: we both have two birthdays. This is also where the Queen and I don’t have much more in common.

For two years I was in and out of hospital. I was blood and platelet transfusion dependent. I was catching every bug going. I was almost living in isolation rooms. I’d been so poorly that I required a temporary colostomy. I’d lost so much weight that I was being fed through my veins. I really was a sorry sight:


I sort of hoped that this would be it: no more bad health. But the summer just gone wasn’t all that brilliant for me. I had a little “blip” – for want of a better word. I had some cervical cancer to sort out and now I have the menopause to enjoy. Thankfully, I’m not all skin and bone any more. However, I think I do need to find a happy medium because according to the NHS website, I’m “obese”:


The most important thing is that I’m alive. Despite nature’s very cruel ways of trying to ensure that I’m not, I am very much alive.

My new haematology doctor said that if there was any justice in this world, then I should win the Lotto. But, the best I win is a lucky dip into the next draw. So, I’m beginning to wonder if I am a cat. Two lives down, seven to go…

Flossie Friday: ICT lecturer

Flossie’s claims to be an ICT lecturer to the post-16’s is, believe it or not, true. She really is an “ICT lecturer”. I suppose that’s a nice certificate to have hanging on your wall. It’s a wonderful title to put on your CV. She should be really proud of the effort she put into achieving that qualification – and I really don’t mean that sarcastically. From the side lines, she did put a lot of effort into her studies during this period.

It’s just a shame that she hasn’t used said qualification in (to my knowledge) about a decade. Nor has she been on any refresher courses or tried to add to her skills.

She was just teaching the “basics” when she got her qualifications. In fact, I highly doubt she would have been able to teach much more than that because, despite her title, Flossie really is a clueless lump when it comes to technology. Only last week she had to get her teenage daughter to upload photos from her phone to the family computer. From what I can recall, she was teaching the OAPs (dubbed “silver surfers”) how to get online and she was teaching job seekers how to use the basic computer programmes. She was teaching how to turn on a computer and open programmes. It was hardly cutting edge stuff, but at least she had a job and she was helping people.

Well… It’s ten years on. I can’t say with 100% certainty that Flossie hasn’t used her qualification since, but I’m confident that she hasn’t. She would have boasted about being a working mother of nine (she’s never, ever had nine of her own children to look after at once). She would have told someone and the news would have spread like wildfire. I’m sure the national newspapers would have dedicated the front page to her if they had learnt of Flossie having a job.

Imagine my confusion this week when I heard from two different sources that Flossie has been bragging in a story that a) I’m fairly certain is nothing but a lie and b) makes a teacher look incredibly bad. Someone teaching school kids GCSE ICT, and currently teaching that subject, is probably both more qualified and up-to-date than Flossie. What is set out in that government hyperlink is way more than Flossie can do, let alone teach. In fact, my dad can teach more about computers and he has had more technological faux pas situations than I have had hot dinners.

Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but seriously, my dad just writes the jokes that we make about him…

Back to Flossie, though.

Two sources (who I trust) have been telling me that Flossie is bragging to them about how she had to teach the Head of ICT at her children’s secondary school about the “do not panic” button.


Image result for do not panic button computers
Something I got from Bing…

Yet, people believe her. Well, one of the people who told me what Flossie is saying believes her. The other one rang me up in fits of hysterics: “you’ll never believe what Flossie is saying now!” Unfortunately, yes, I can believe what she is telling other people. 







Out of this world

Weekly Photo Challenge: out of this world.

I have a couple of pictures for this challenge. I’ll start with the worst of the pictures, which is actually my favourite one:


It’s a black background with a green blur. It’s actually the most magical thing that I have ever seen in nature. I took this awful photo of the Northern Lights when I went to Iceland in 2014. It was a bitterly cold night and I couldn’t keep my hands still, so I took a few rubbishy shots and just watched with my own eyes. It was stunning. It’s actually Joanna Lumley’s fault that I was there. If she hadn’t done that documentary about the Northern Lights and the Ice Hotel and the Artic Circle (I think she went to Norway?) then I wouldn’t have demanded to myself that I go and see the Northern Lights.

082 view of aeroplane

My second photo are these clouds. I took the photo looking out of a Virgin Atlantic aeroplane window. I was amazed that despite being so high up, I could see the coast lines and the ships in the sea. It’s also the closest I’ll ever get to visiting outer space…

From the sky to the ground, this is one that I took by chance:


I don’t know what causes these tubes of sand – I used to think they were “sandworms” but as an adult, I don’t know – perhaps it’s something I should investigate one day. Whatever causes these things, I think it’s rather remarkable that it can create such a pretty shape…


As forecasted, the “Beast from the East” is here. As always, I look at lots of different weather forecasts and I get lots of different predictions. It’s a bit like reading your horror-scope – none of them really say the same thing! Because of the lack of reliability, I haven’t really been keeping up-to-date with the weather because I never know which forecast to believe. I generally get an overview (oh, yes, we’re expecting snow) and then just rely on looking out of the window… However, yesterday I was genuinely shocked to wake up to this scene:


I had concluded from all the many weather reports that I had looked at, that we would not get any white stuff until tomorrow. So, I had a quick wash and got dressed, with every intention that I would go into my tiny back garden, and build myself a snowman. This is the plan of every 31-year-old, single, childless adult, right?!… However, it began to melt. It was more slush than snow. So, I decided I would go for a walk instead (I dragged Rayna with me) and we looked at the pretty white mountains and drank hot chocolate.

But it didn’t melt before they closed the local schools. Which I think is a bit of a farce. They could have said “we’ll open later” or “don’t rush to get here on time”. No – they close schools. Personally, I think today would have been more fitting to close schools. Yesterday it was melting slush. Today it’s falling snow (one flake at a time) on compressed and frozen ice (well, it was a few hours ago) – yet they opened the schools today!

I do like the snow, but not when it causes a disruption. I think about my trip to Iceland and how we didn’t encounter a single traffic queue despite their cold weather. I remember a Canadian lady that I studied with for a while who was furious at how our infrastructure couldn’t “cope” with a few flakes of snow because she got stuck in her car for hours. And despite my thinking it’s a “farce” that the schools got shut yesterday, I think it was wonderful to see all the children outside playing in the snow, instead of inside on their game boxes. I only wish that I could have joined in with them – but I think some parents might be freaked with a strange woman just rocking up to play with their kids in the snow!!

It’s not as bad (yet) as it was eight years ago. Apparently tomorrow/Friday are going to be worse days for us. But, this is from 2010:


My little Micra when we both lived at home… I say “both”. My car and I…



Sharing my world

Cee’s Share Your World challenge. I thought I would give it a go 🙂

What am I reading? I have two books running alongside each other. I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix and I’m reading a book that I’ve been sent to review – which isn’t my usual genre, but I’m quite getting into it!

What was my first job? I was a “bakery packer” in Safeway when I was 16. I worked on a Saturday from 8am-5pm. It was quite an easy job. And fun.

What’s my favourite cereal? Coco-pops. The ones from Tesco. I don’t eat them every day. I don’t even have any in my cupboard at the moment.

What made me smile last week? Lots of things. But, in particular, on Wednesday I dropped someone off so that they could go and do a walk. By 8:30am, I was looking at this wonderful scene:


There was barely anyone else around. I suppose most people were on their way to work!

It’s not what it looks like…


It’s not as bad as it might look. I know that it doesn’t look great, but I can explain myself.

First of all, it’s James’ fault. I gave him my camera to hold as I went down into the puddle with Immy. Funnily enough, I didn’t want the camera to get broken if I fell. I’ve learnt from my brother that cameras don’t mix well with water. If James didn’t have hold of my camera, this photograph wouldn’t exist.

Immy said she was going to splash me. As she said that, I turned and I was going to kick water at Immy but she ran off and tripped and got wet all by herself. I nearly fell on another rock as I was turning towards her. In this photo, I’m actually balancing myself because I remembered my phone and car key was in my pocket (and because I didn’t want to get wet!!).

I mean, she’s 13-years-old. Surely she doesn’t need me to explain to her that you should run in rocky puddles?

Well, she got wetter than she would have done if she had just let me splash her.

She was alright afterwards. I checked she was ok before I started laughing my backside off. She was in good spirits. She always is.