A knobbly scarf

I bought this weird looking cotton/acrylic concoction (200g of it) before Christmas and created this scarf in a week. I cast on 50 stitches and just knitted in garter stitch. It’s quite cool how the knobbles cluster together.

I’m not too sure what I will do with it. It’ll probably go in a drawer until I need an emergency present for someone.


New Year, New Me?

I hate that phrase.

All that’s really happened is that the date has changed. When you look at it, instead of putting a number 7 at the end of the date, we now put a number 8.

Every day, at the stroke of midnight, the date changes. We don’t let off big sparkly fireworks every 24 hours, do we?  Or even at the start of a new month or a new week…

That said, 2017 was a bit crappy. I hope 2018 is a lot better.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions. If I want to make a change or set a goal, I don’t need the date to change for me to do that. So, to everyone, I wish you a very happy and healthy 2018 and I wish that you’re all successful in all that you strive for.

Patsy from AbFab… (Found it on that “On This Day” feature on the Facebook. Three years on the trot I have reposted this apparently…).

Knitting Q&A

I was looking at NothingButKnit’s blog post and I thought I would have a go:

  1. Your earliest memory of sewing/crafting? Sewing at school when I was very young. I’ve always been into crafts – gluing and cutting stuff up.
  2. What is your most beautiful make? The “hug” I knitted for the Imsta. It was a one-ball knit and the colours distributed beautifully.
  3. What is your most challenging make? A gnome that I made quite a few years ago and gave to my Nanna. It was the first toy I had made and I wasn’t too thrilled that I had to stuff and sew it together. It’s nose was where it’s eyes should have been and his ears weren’t straight. But, she treasures the gnome, even today…
  4. Your most unpractical make that you like but can’t really wear/use? N/a
  5. What is your most worn/used make? I have no idea. What I make I generally give away…
  6. If you had no limits, what would you like to create? A crafty shop which serves tea and cake where people can sit and buy their supplies and knit / glue / sew.
  7. What is your favourite material to work with? 2 ply – it looks more delicate.
  8. What is the next technique you would like to learn? Knitting on three needles…
  9. What is the topmost item on your sewing/crafting wish list? I don’t have a wish list (at the moment)…
  10. What is one sewing/crafting challenge you want to take for the year 2018? I promised my friend that I would make her chi-wow-wa (can’t spell that and I can’t be bothered to look on Google) puppy a coat.. So, I will have to Google the basic pattern idea…

A festive cold

The Flossie character who I sometimes write about has no consideration for other people. She doesn’t care about their feelings or their well being. She never has, and at 50+ years of age, I doubt she ever will.


Achoo, achoo, achoo.

I asked “do you have a cold?”

She replied “no, it’s just allergies”.

Bearing in mind that Flossie is an asthmatic which is allegedly triggered certain things. I say “allegedly”. Her triggers are dog fur, cat fur, cigarette smoke and dust. Well, her house is hardly an Anthea Turner demo house and she has an incredibly fluffy and furry rabbit that lives inside the house.

I’ll never learn. Stupidly, I believed her.

Well, now I’m saying AAAAAACHOOOOOOO and blowing my nose. My ears feel more bunged up than normal and my throat feels like it’s being sliced open.

Flossie sneezes over everything and everyone. She blows her nose and leaves her snotty tissues everywhere – I probably sat on one. She claims she has allergies instead of saying “I have a cold”. Bearing in mind that my immune system isn’t the strongest, and that I’d be returning to the house of two 80+ year-olds, you’d think Flossie might have a tiny bit of consideration. But, no.

It’s my own fault. I shouldn’t have believed it was allergies.


This blog post has had to spend almost two months in my ‘drafts’ – it’s actually taken me two months to write it because I’ve had photos to add.

It began one October Sunday, when I spent the day with Nicola. She was having to explain to me about her husbands trips to the auctions; he had taken an umbrella and a tin of food (in date) to go in a box that he was going to put into an auction. I was confused by it. Do people actually buy this crap? This is when I learnt that the crap is actually called bric-a-brac.

I had to see it for myself, so I went with Nicola’s husband to the auctions.

Before we left, Nicola told me that if I didn’t want to stay that she would come and collect me and take me back to Nanna’s. I actually thought that I would end up calling her, but I got there and I actually found it quite pleasant (albeit a bit chavvy…***).

While looking at the stuff – furniture and the boxes of crap (or, bric-a-brac if you would prefer) and the laptops and the televisions, two items caught my eye. This is why I haven’t been able to publish this blog post before because Ellie is subscribed to my blog. Whether she actually reads my blog or not is up to her, but I didn’t want to spoil her Christmas!! I lost the model boat (it started selling at £14!) so my dreams of playing with the model have sailed, but I did get the thing I most wanted. As soon as I saw it I said to Nicola’s husband: “wow, Ellie would love that”. In my head I was thinking “if it looked different”.

I have never been to an auction before, so I was quite keen, once there, to see it through to the end. It’s not like the auctions I have seen on the TV. On the TV people aren’t eating their dinner while bidding on their £2 set of drawers or their 10 kettles for £3. It was quite an (enjoyable) experience and I cannot wait to go again! I might get another project for a fiver!

I like the structural design, I just hate all the bits that add onto it. I strongly suspect that Ellie wouldn’t be keen on it in it’s current state. So, I will remove all the metal, clean it, sand it down, repaint it, put transfers on it, buy new hinges and new handles and make it a bit nicer than what it currently is. I hope that I can pull it off with help from YouTube and remembering what I have been taught over the years…

I am using tissue napkins to do the ‘transfer’ bits – they’re not the best, but I’ve done the best that I can!! I’m kind of new at transferring tissue napkins onto bits of wood. Maybe I should have had a trial run first, but I’m rather hoping that the mess-ups that I make can be hidden and fobbed off as “shabby chic”!

The doors, in the end, were rubbish. Once I got them off, I couldn’t reattach them. And the decorative insert on one of them got a bit broken when I dropped it on the floor… But, this is the finished product, and Ellie seemed quite happy with her Christmas present (which was the main objective…).


***Maybe I am like my paternal grandmother, after all… a snob…