Written moods…

I hate the media.

They take things out of context.

Maybe I’m in the wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t ever go on Twitter ever, ever again.

I went to a firework display on Friday night – which, at the last minute, got cancelled. During the course of waiting, I donated £2 to the bucket that went around – people around me donated more, some donated less. At the last minute (and later than the starting time stated), the display was cancelled because the fireworks got wet by the incoming tide.

Later that evening, I wrote on Twitter:

Llanf firework

Forgive me for being a bit stupid but where do I refer to feeling frustrated?

According to the Daily Post, I vented my frustration on social media…

llanf firework 2

I don’t even think that the other comment reads as “frustration”. It’s simply us passing comment.

I wasn’t frustrated. I felt sorry for the little children who were there waiting for the bangs and the pretty lights. I felt sorry for the people around us who had donated a lot more than my measly £2. But, that’s not even the point.

How on earth can you detect what someone feels from reading a message from them when you don’t even know them?!?! No one from the Daily Post has contacted me to ask “are you frustrated?” No one from the Daily Post has contacted me to ask if it’s ok to use my comment (apparently, this isn’t even a courteous requirement).

Unless you know someone, I’m pretty sure that you can’t make any accurate reference to how they feel regarding the words that they write. I’m not pissed off that I have been quoted, I’m just pissed off that someone who has never met me has made the very inaccurate assumption that I was frustrated when I was just “whatever” – and put my name to an inaccurate fact…

I have e-mailed Daily Post to tell them that I wasn’t frustrated. If I hear anything, I’ll update my blog 🙂


Guy Fawkes Night

The best firework photo that I ever did take…

This is a British ‘observation’. It’s also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Firework Night.

It’s a story that dates back to 1605 – the Gunpowder Plot, which was a (failed) attempt to assassinate King James I. Guy Fawkes was arrested on the 5th November as he guarded the explosives. Since then, we have celebrated this day. I have found a YouTube video produced by the BBC that explains the ‘story’ a bit better than I have – it’s 36 minutes, so make yourself a brew first 😉

There was an Act passed relating to the 5th November: Observance of 5th November Act 1605. It’s since been ditched. But we do have some songs. The most popular one that I know is this one:

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot;
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below,
Poor old England to overthrow

By God’s providence he was catch’d 
With a dark lantern and burning match. 
Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring. 
Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

And what shall we do with him? 
Burn him! 

170 bonfire on the beach


My first wage packet…

I got my first job in October 2002. I was aged 16, in Year 11 (GCSE year), and I got myself a Saturday job, 8am-5pm, working in the bakery at Safeway. Each week I would be paid about £28 into the bank account I still use today, which Nanna set up for me.

With that £28 each week, I thought I was rich.

Now as my 17-year-old sister begins work, I remember when I started work. While our circumstances are much different, I wonder how she’ll be spending her wages.

I clearly remember what I spent my first wages on. My step-dad took my brother and I to ASDA and I bought a tub of Smarties ice cream.

Ok, I didn’t spend £28 on ice cream. I probably bought loads of other rubbish, too. I would have had to pay for my own mobile phone credit. But, I clearly remember planning and buying the Smarties ice cream and sharing it with my step-dad and brother.

I’m very lucky that I was able to ‘waste’ my wages. I am very fortunate that I wasn’t having to buy my own underwear or my own school supplies. I’m extremely grateful that I wasn’t having to pay housekeeping while I was still at school. I was expected to pay for my own mobile phone credit, but otherwise, my wages were for myself.

I wonder what other people spent their first wages on. I wonder how it compares to how I blew my first wages (on ice cream, mobile phone credit and rubbish!). I wonder how it’ll compare to how my 17-year-old sister will spend her first wage packet…

October 2017 revisited

Out and about...

I took a trip to Ireland at the beginning of the month, which was a bit of an adventure. I’d not really done a holiday where I haven’t had beds booked or a solid plan of destination, so it was quite nice. It was different to be carefree and uncommitted to any given place. I have a mass of photos on my computer relating to this trip which Rayna sat through. We played a game: Where’s Wally? because some of my photos contain my holiday buddy, but he’s hidden on the mountain sides! I haven’t posted any on social media yet, because there really are loads! But here’s my favourite one:

Taken one evening near Letterfrack, Co. Galway.

I’ve been on (another) steam train… Actually, I’ve been on two. One I went with a friend and another I went with my family. Both were very good and I recommend them both.

Onboard the Ffestiniog Railway

I did write a boring blog post about an amazing curry that I had while moaning that I had to wait for 2 hours to get it because of restaurants tricking me with takeaway menus when their eat-in menus are so different. But, amazing curries aren’t the only thing I’m excited about eating this month…

Ok, I’m missing burgers, but after regurgitating a couple (while on strong pain killers), I don’t think I could possibly eat a burger for a very long time. Unfortunately, I have discovered chicken burgers. The chicken burgers are probably a bit healthier than the beef burgers. Or, that’s the lie that I am telling myself.

I’ve also gotten myself a “vegetable sharpener”. Or, a spiraliser. Not a posh one. It’s not an electric one. It’s just one that I can use to sharpen my vegetables to make courgette into long strands like spaghetti. It’s actually quite fun – I get to eat the bits of vegetable that I can’t sharpen, so, I have tried some raw courgette and actually prefer it to cooked courgette!! And, it’s better to eat a lump of carrot than to get another biscuit out…

“Spiralised” (or sharpened) carrot and courgette

I have, until this month, had three knitting projects on the go: a scarf, a shawl and another shawl (which I actually think is a big scarf!). I now have only two knitting projects in progress as I have (finally) completed the scarf. I made a mistake at the end, so I abandoned the pattern that I was working to and I switched to a moss stitch for the remainder of the wool that I had and fashioned a ‘pocket’ that the scarf can roll into. The pattern was repeated over four rows:

Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl
Row 3: k1, k2tog x3, [yo, k1] x6, k2tog x6, [yo, k1] x6, k2tog x6, [yo, k1] x6, k2tog x3, k1
Row 4: knit


I complained to O2 that being an adult sucks. I spent one afternoon looking at house insurance and thinking of ways I can save money. One of the ways was to terminate my contract with O2 and switch to the Pay As You Go option. However, because being an adult sucks, O2 sent me a box of stuff. It was a nice surprise to receive in the post, but Twittering (?) a thank you just wound up with me being unindated with notifications saying “I’m a customer of X years” and “where’s mine?”. All I did was complain being an adult sucks. It’s not my fault that they sent me a nice box of stuff, is it?

The box of stuff from O2

The drinking bottle thing is quite good – it doesn’t leak (LOL) or taste of plastic. I don’t know how the Smart Power Card + thing works, but it’s in my bag. Presumably I will have to charge it after using it…?

A week of Flossie

A week feels more like a month when I’m around certain people. I love spending time with my younger siblings, so I have to tolerate Flossie. Thankfully, Grandad was able to come and I ended up having a flying visit home to see Nanna (who had to stop at home).

The most important thing to emphasise about the last week of October is that Flossie survived. It’s an impressive feat each time.

The kids and I went for a walk – a small walk, because I still can’t do a long walk. Grandad and I sourced a new sofa, and we had a trip on a steam train along a lake. I think the kids definitely had a good time. I enjoyed spending time with them all, that’s for sure. I taught Himmy how to knit, and we made soup together.


I saw my Oncologist and Haematologist this month. I’m guessing at some point in the near future I shall return to see the Gynaecologist, but this hasn’t yet been communicated to me.

The Oncologist is happy, so I’m happy.

My Haematologist is happy, so I’m happy.

I’ve also played the Lotto because the Haematologist said if there were any justice in the world, that I would win. I’m yet to check the ticket. I’m too scared to find out that I’m not a millionaire…


Harry Potter (again)

I have a list of Harry Potter questions. I thought that I would only answer about my favourite book and movie, or which house I would be in, but I actually want to answer the rest of them, so, here are my answers:

What would be your favourite subject? I like science, so Potions.

Who is your favourite professor? Professor McGonagoll. Strict and stern. I think she is fair, too.

What wizarding world job would you have? Maybe I could drive the Hogwarts Express? Or maybe I could help Professor Sprout in the greenhouses?

150 Hogwarts Express US

Which character can you relate to the most? Ronald Weasley for the siblings. Bellatrix Lestrange for loyalty. Harry for being completely unprepared for the world he’s been thrown into (obviously, my challenges haven’t been against a dark wizard, but still life/death).

Who is your favourite pairing? Mr and Mrs Weasley. Fred and George Weasley. The scenes where it’s Harry and Luna – I wish there were more of them.

Who would be your three friends? Hermione because she’s very clever. Luna because she is very creative and offers a different view. Fred or George because I think that they would be hilarious.

Team Voldemort or Team Harry? Team Harry…

Who would be your nemesis? Professor Trelawny for all the rubbish she talks, and Delores Umbridge for being a big pink idiot.

Horcruxes or Hallows? Horcruxes mean killing to split my soul, so I would opt for Hallows.

Invisibility cloak, resurrection stone or Elder wand? Invisibility cloak because the stone can’t really bring back the dead people in their real form. The wand that I have would already have chosen me, so if I were invisible, I wouldn’t need the Elder wand – surely the wand is only as powerful as the witch or wizard? I’d need to be friends with Hermoine to make sure I study hard 😉

What bits made you cry? Snape dying.

A Halloween blog post

I had envisioned this being a better blog post than it really is, but my plans changed and I haven’t been able to be very creative regarding this theme. So, I want to tell you all a story, share some “LOLs” and a few Halloween themed jokes…

The Broomstick…

A little story that my offline buddies may appreciate…

I took Himmy to Tesco on Saturday evening. She has just been given a mobile phone and she was quite keen to get a SIM card for it, so we went and had a look (for the second time that day) around Tesco. This time I needed some tablets and we saw a broomstick.

Flossie has a bit of a reputation of being a witch. I don’t mean like Hermione Granger or Professor McGonagoll. She’s more of a Bellatrix Lestrange. With this reputation in mind, Himmy asks “shall we buy Mum a new car?” For £1 I thought “why not?” and Himmy proceeded to take the broomstick and carry it around Tesco.

We went to the till and we paid. I had the tablets, Himmy’s SIM card, and something else (that I can’t remember). I paid for the items and some credit for the SIM card and we proceeded to gather our bits when Himmy says “what about the broomstick?” We’d forgotten to put it on the till. So, the lady did another transaction while I exclaim to Himmy “oh my gosh, we nearly went to prison over a broomstick for Flossie!” With all the embarrassment that she causes us, we were quite embarrassed that we had innocently forgotten about the broomstick!

Some “LOLs” from the last week…

Apparently they are L-O-Ls, not lolls, as I have been calling them. I have been corrected.

  • “She tells us we have to have table manners but she can’t even get her food into her mouth. It’s big enough, I don’t know how she misses it.”
  • “I took the present back. You don’t get to shout in my face and then get a present from me.” (concerning Christmas present for a teacher a few years ago)
  • “And she sat in the front of the class while we were working, eating a cream cake and making all these awful noises, like when mum eats”.
  • “She eats so many sausages. She has a whole draw full of sausages. She eats eight at a time. She eats them nearly every day. But, Becky, she says she’s on a diet! What is it? Eat all the food so we are on a diet?”
  • “When I come to live with you, where will my room be?” Me: “In another house”. Horace: “I am only little. I can go in your little room with the computer”.

My Halloween jokes – which are apparently awful…

Why do vampires need mouthwash? Because they have bat breath.
What’s a ghosts favourite treat? Ice Scream.
What do birds do on Halloween? They go Trick or Tweeting.
What do witches put in their hair? Scare Spray.
Who did Frankenstein take on a date? His ghoal friend.
What’s a witch’s favourite subject at school? Spelling.

Finally, a picture of me and one of my dates:

Taken a couple of years ago