Crock Pot-ting it up…

Last Sunday it was suggested that I should get a slow cooker. Nanna’s fed me so many meals from the slow cooker, so appreciate that a slow cooker is an appliance that I will greatly benefit from – especially as I’m only cooking for myself. In these last two months I have found cooking to be quite a chore! I was beginning to get a bit lazy with the whole dinner experience by coming home from work and whacking anything into the oven. It was easier for me than worrying about pots and pans and timings of things that need to be put on and looked after.

Knowing that a slow cooker is going to be a benefit to my life, I planned to get one at the end of June. After chatting to two friends I began searching the Internet for recipes and got quite excited about my pending investment. I messaged one of my friends and told her that I was definitely going to buy one.

No! She suggested that I don’t rush out to buy one. I need to do my research. I need to compare the bowls and the settings. Which, I did. I couldn’t make head nor tail of all the reviews of a slow cooker. They all appeared to do the same thing. But I carried on with my research because I didn’t want to waste money on something that was going to be rubbish!

Two days later, my friend’s house warming present arrived – a Crock Pot.

I was super excited! I had a quick look on the Internet and found that I could wrap a potato in foil and bake it in there on high for 4-5 hours. I did that. It came out as though it had been cooking on a BBQ! It was delicious. So, on Wednesday I went a bit more ambitious.

Into my Crock Pot I added tinned tomatoes, onions, peas, rice (with water), sausages and bacon. I trotted off to work with my Crock Pot on high and spent the entire afternoon looking forward to my dinner.

I came home to something that resembled a risotto with a charcoal crust. I ate around the burnt bits and it was quite tasty – like a smokey bacon and sausage risotto. It was nice. I would eat it again – but there was so much burnt stuff that it has taken me 24 hours to get rid of the burnt bits! My lesson has been learnt though – I’m to leave it on low!!!

This morning I refilled my Crock Pot – I added chicken, a jar of curry sauce, onions, peas and broccoli and left it cooking on the low setting, after using the instruction book to convert the cooking times. Tonight I came home from work to a yummy curry with no charcoal! Mission accomplished – I now have 2 pots of curry ready to put in the freezer.

Tomorrow I plan to make soup………

A snapshot of my day

Today was my Biochemistry of Cell Function exam. I won’t lie – I know that I haven’t done particularly well but I’m hopeful to have done enough.

I got back to Reading train station and I had 50 minutes to spare before my train back to Farnborough North. I asked the guard if I could go through the gates and look in the shops for some food. He let me through.

Maybe I have seen these before but I’ve never taken any interest. M&S sell glasses of wine. Keeping it classy! Saves swigging from the bottle!


I’m not a snob

To quote something which my paternal grandmother once informed my maternal grandmother, brother and I once: [Of course, everyone knows that] I’m not a snob.

This comment was in relation to an opportunity which she could have in her younger days. Not long after making this observation about herself she noticed that my brother and I had brought the milk bottle into the living room instead of pouring the milk into a milk jug. Maybe in the same breath as telling us that she wasn’t a snob, Grandma was telling my brother and I off, informing us I do own a milk jug you know!

From time to time I wonder if I share any characteristics with Grandma. I’m aware that I have ‘quirks’, but I don’t think that they constitute to me being a snob.

Today I went for a walk and took with me a flask of tea, a flask of hot soup and microwaved (reheated) sausages, and a lump of cake which we bought en-route. I also, in my rucksack, took my ‘plate bag’ which I use for camping. It usually lives in my car, so when I am out and about, I can sometimes have a picnic by myself without eating from wrappers. I use the rationale that I’m just being ‘sophisticated’ and ‘classy’.





I think I can apply logic to my lunch – it would have been hard to eat my soup and sausages straight from the flask – but the tea flask has a decent sized lid for me to drink from. My walking buddy was making himself hot chocolate in his flask lid, but there I was, pouring my tea into a cup and slicing myself a bit of cake with every tea break. I can apply logic to the cake on a plate, too – it was a bit crumbly, and I wouldn’t have wanted to waste any by it falling on the floor.

So, I’m thinking that it’s just common sense to take crockery on an outside venture. I can quote Grandma and apply it to myself.

I’m not a snob.