Great days out I’ve recently had

I haven’t got much to write about, so I thought I would share a few photos of my recent days out…

Steam train ride which resulted in the blog post inconsiderate photographers. It was a wonderful trip. Very picturesque.

All the lovely beaches that I’ve been taken to as I have been a passenger.

My chauffeur hasn’t complained too much about taking me outside. The views have been exceptionally scenic and have inspired me greatly…


My claim to fame

In October 2002, my family (and a dozen other families) were victims of an arson attack. Our homes weren’t destroyed, but it didn’t make the pain of loss any less. All of the hut owners had worked hard to keep their huts secure from break-ins. Lots of the hut owners had a great number of personal possessions in the huts because it was a home-from-home.

I was devastated by the fire – as were others who were effected. I was 16-years-old and I’d never really experienced “loss” like this. If Grandad had his way, he would have walked away from it, but he had nagging voices not to. Mine was one.

The day after the fire I was taken to the scene (I am the one in blue) where I was able to roam around in the rubble of what once was my sanctuary. Sadly, I could identify things – the sofa, the toilet, Nanna’s bed. A set of books that Nanna had were in perfect condition on the inside, but we binned them anyway. Other huts had just burnt to ashes. It was so sad and yes, a lot of us grieved.

Nothing made anything feel better. I was 16 at the time, but even I knew that no one would be bought to justice. I heard the adults talking and I realised that the owners would have to fund this mostly by themselves. We had an/no idea who did it – no one has been held accountable for the devastation that they caused (most likely to be teenagers) so the most that I could do was write a letter to the local newspaper.

When writing the letter, I didn’t for one moment imagine that I would be published in the newspaper…

The following year (summer 2003) the replacement huts went up. Our hut was built by my Grandad’s very own hands, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. In fact, during the summer of 2003, I didn’t realise anyone could smell as bad as Grandad did – he worked solidly without many showers!! And what we built, I was proud of – because, Grandad had built it. But, also, we realised what a community was all about. Others who hadn’t been a victim were always happy to help and they offered things that they were otherwise getting rid of. Although this event was utterly devastating, it was also the first time in my life that I knew what a community was.

My desk


It seems to be a fashionable thing at the moment – blogging photographs of our work spaces. So, this is my work space.

  • An “old fashioned telephone”. I can’t lose it then. I plan to get cordless ones, but they’re not essential at the moment.
  • A loo roll – because I spilt my cup of tea on my desk the other day.
  • My blog post plan. It’s basically so I can see where I have scheduled blog posts.
  • My empty toast plate. Don’t judge, but it has been there since 3 days before I took this picture.

The decor on the wall isn’t of my choice. It came with the house when I bought it. I have every intention of redecorating it, and despite dragging Rayna to B&Q at the beginning of the year, it’s still work-in-progress…

It’s work-in-progress because I am constantly thinking about the awful 1990s style wall paper whenever I sit at my desk. I just can’t decide on a colour.

So, unless I have used my netbook, this is usually where I am writing my blog posts from. I would like to be able to use my tablet more (it’s a Kindle Fire) but it only saves drafts locally; therefore I cannot edit them at my computer. I am looking into it – perhaps it’s a setting that I need to adjust?

Lumpy cushion knit…

I have knitted small toys before, but nothing as big as this that has needed stuffing. I messed up – I stitched and stuffed it before attaching the door and life ring. It’s fair to say that this is a bit rough around the edges, a bit messy on inspection and not my finest piece of work. But I am mighty pleased with it, and I can say with great confidence that the person that this is intended for won’t have a cushion like it…

Bed time antic’s of a 30-year-old

You’d think that it might be all about snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. You might think that I would have a man to curl up to. You might think I am so tired I just pass out as soon as my head touches the pillow.


This week I have been playing with my torch. I shine it at the wall and I make shadows. I shine it around my bedroom looking for sparkles and shadows.

You’re never too old to be having fun!

Definite proof that myths aren’t always myths!

Last week I was questioning the cystitis myth – what is the best thing to drink? Today, I’m blogging to let you know that I’ve had to concede to the fact that lemon and barley water squash might not be a myth. I don’t think Robinsons are exploiting those with painful bladders anymore.

At first I was cynical. I was doubtful. I scoffed.

However, I listened to what the lady in the waiting room told me. I followed what I consider to be ‘armchair expert advice’. And, since drinking the lemon and barley water squash, things are a lot calmer…

I have considered that it’s all psychological, but I really don’t think it is.

I had one evening where I was in considerable pain. I then remembered that I hadn’t drunk any of this expensive squash during the day. After having a couple of pints I was relieved of what I had been experiencing. I wasn’t getting any of this relief from cranberry juice – and that’s the drink that everyone keeps recommending!! Even Tigger is happy by the outcome of the lemon and barley water squash:


Of course, inquisitive me was curious as to what is in lemon and barley water squash to make it ‘kinder’ on the bladder. Lanarkshire NHS Trust advises patients to drink lemon and barley water for cystitis – so, I read that as it’s ‘medically’ advised, so surely I should be able to get this on prescription? 😉 The only other information I can find is that it alkalises the pH of the urine.

It would be better (for my purse) if I could find a supermarket own brand – perhaps they are there and I’m just not looking hard enough, but for now, I’ll spend out ~£2 for a bottle of this stuff.

So, myths really aren’t just myths. Sometimes there are truths behind the myths.

A blog idea fail

I was looking on the Internet (Pinterest) for ideas on what to blog. One idea intrigued me – I could take a photo for every hour in the day. I thought “well, I can do that! No problem!” I like taking pictures. How difficult can it be to take my camera out once every hour?!

Actually, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I’ve been attempting this idea most days for a weeks, and on Monday, I came closer than I had been before. I took more than one photo. I woke up and I took a picture, which was amazing in itself as I had misjudged the timings of where I had to be, how early I needed to be, travel time and um……. getting out of bed time.

It’s not many, but for the purpose of the blog post, it’s the best I’ve done. These four photos represents how most of my spare time is spent at the moment. I think these pictures capture the honesty quite nicely. I get up. I go to the park and ride (if I have an appointment after 9am) and wait on the bench. Sometimes I hop straight on the bus. I come home, after visiting my friends for a cup of tea, have some lunch and straighten my sheets. I amuse myself for the afternoon before cooking my dinner and doing some knitting in front of the television.

While my routines seem to be quite similar day-to-day at the moment, they do have some variables. On Monday, I stopped to see the recycled teens for a brew. Through the magic of photography, I traveled to Venice, Iceland and (maybe?) Egypt. Yesterday, I had a slightly busier day, so I stopped for a pizza lunch. Today? I might microwave yesterday’s doughnuts to de-stale them, or, I might mop my bathroom floor…