At 2pm…

I don’t know where I got this idea from, or how it is supposed to translate, but in my notepad is a blog post idea titled “at 2pm”. Here I am, at 2pm… Well, I logged into WordPress at 2pm. I have just spent the last ten minutes reading the new blog posts of the blogs that I’m subscribed to. I thought, that I could use this title to just write ‘freely’ for a bit. The only other time I write freely is in my journal.

I’m currently sat in my living room with Doc Martin on the television. ITV3 has been a great source of entertainment over the past couple of months. I get lots of good programmes on here, such as On the Buses, George and Mildred, The Royal, Rising Damp, Heartbeat, etc. I call ITV3 the “ITV comedy channel” because the programmes mostly make me laugh.

While I’m sat here, I can see lots of things that need doing. The first thing: housework. I haven’t done anything this week. I need to do some laundry – I probably have two wash loads piling up. Because of my laundry, I’m also wondering if I can dust my shed (you read that correctly), clear it out and get some organisation in there and hang a washing line in there for drying my towels and bedding during the winter. Either that or I need to invest in some more clothes airer’s – but I’m quite fussy about the style!! Of all thing to be fussy about, that’s one! I hate using the one I have because it stands up quite tall and takes a lot of space up. Those panel ones, that fold out in three, they don’t take up as much space because I can stand them in front of a wall (or a radiator!).

Anyway – that’s one thing that I need to sort out. I also have a couple of knitting projects that I need to finish. I am knitting two shawls and one scarf. One of the shawls is nowhere near finished but I have to have it in the post by next Tuesday (first class). It’s not that I don’t want to finish it, or that I don’t have the motivation to finish it; but I am filled with dread that there is actually quite a bit of it left to do in less than one week.

I lose a bit of a knitting day on Sunday because I am going out with a friend. We’re going to see a dog. It’s part Pug and part-of-another-breed-that-I-can’t-remember. I’m quite excited to go and meet this puppy. I’ve been brooding over puppies lately. Maybe because it’s been decided by nature that I definitely can’t have my own babies now, I am brooding over little baby puppies. I really want a puppy – I know rescue dogs need homes, but I’d like to get a puppy as it is (in my case) replacing a baby. Maybe one day…

I suppose, if my friend is coming on Sunday, I ought to have a bit of a tidy up. I should throw the hoover around and make some kind of an effort to look less like a slob and more like a snob. I’m just my paternal grandmother in disguise…

And, I’m worrying that I might forget to do something that’s so trivial that it makes no difference if I remember to do it or not. In fact, I will go and do it right now: I will go upstairs and get a packet of post-it note tabs out of my box…

…I have got my post-it note tabs. While I was getting them, I visited the toilet and I put my jeans into the washing machine on a daily quick wash. I need to wash them separately in case the colour washes out because they’re relatively new.

The post-it note tabs are for a project I’m working on. I need to bookmark some pages so I know where to find them when it comes to typing the project up over the next few weeks.

Maybe if I did less writing and more knitting, the shawl might get finished by Tuesday’s last postal collection 😉

I’ve been writing for 25 minutes now and WordPress says that I have written over 700 words – which I think is plenty enough for a blog post. I have another 25 minutes of Doc Martin to watch and a few chores to do before I sit down again at 4pm for On the Buses, and George and Mildred. I don’t watch the Wild at Heart programme. I think it’s a great programme (I like big cats and elephants) but it’s full of terrible acting… So, off I go to do my chores… I hope I haven’t bored you too much (we’re now 800+ words)…


iPod shuffle

I haven’t had a blog post like this in a while 🙂 (since I ‘overhauled’ it)

  1. Simply Red – Fairground
  2. The Wannadies – You and Me Song
  3. Nelly – Ride Wit Me
  4. Milky – Just the way you are
  5. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
  6. Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U
  7. Doctor Who theme tune
  8. Lasgo – Pray
  9. Bob the Builder – Can we Fix it?
  10. Kylie Minogue – Come into my World

I feel as though I ought to be giving a statement that assures you (and I) that I do have tracks on my iPod that were released in the last 12 months. I know that the first 10 tracks don’t demonstate that, but I do have more ‘modern’ music (in the names of Steps and Ellie Goulding)…


I’m cynical about horoscopes and astrological signs. I find it difficult to believe that the entire population can be divided into twelve groups and that we can all have our futures predicted in one of twelve ways. Of late, my horoscope hasn’t informed me about the difficulties that I have encountered. It hasn’t predicted my gloomy summer. I suppose that sometimes we have to read between the lines. Sometimes we have to read really, really far between the lines.

Where I find that predicting the future of the population, divided into 12 groups, being hard to fathom, I can sort-of-kind-of get on board with the personality traits of these various zodiac signs.

Astrologers ascribe certain personality traits to a person born under the Virgo: people born under this sign are typically analytical, kind, hardworking and practical. According to astrologers, Virgos tend to worry often; they are shy and dislike being the center of attention. They are also known for being modest, faithful, quiet, and very persuasive, as well as for having a good sense of reasoning and memory. Virgos are also known for their intellect and usually enjoy art, literature, science, mathematics, and are skilled at completing detailed work. Copy and pasted from Wikipedia

Perhaps it’s because there are a wide range of ‘traits’ which can probably apply to most people within a given group of people…

  • Analytical – I have a very scientific mind. I analyse a lot of things.
  • Kind – I am a very kind person…
  • Hardworking – I am proud of my work ethic.
  • Practical – I am a practical person. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life. Maybe because I want a lazy life, I work quite hard at being practical.
  • Worry often – I am a worry head. I worry about my siblings, I worry about my grandparents, I worry about my friends, I worry about my future and my actions. I have a little notepad in my bag or beside my bed for me to write my worries down. Some are absurd. I worry about forgetting to buy teabags!!
  • Shy – I disagree. I’m not shy. I’m outspoken.
  • Dislike being the centre of attention – I don’t like the spotlight being on me. I’m ok being hidden behind a computer screen, but I don’t like a roomful of people staring at me.
  • Modest – I modestly brag about my accomplishments..
  • Faithful – I am a person of integrity which is a trait I’m incredibly proud of.
  • Quiet – I’m not quiet. I like to talk.
  • Very persuasive – in my jobs, I could sell igloo’s to penguins…
  • Good sense of reasoning – I am logical, analytical and able to take a step back, even if some people can’t see that.
  • Good memory – I am proud of my memory.
  • Intellect – I like to think that I’m somewhat intelligent – I am always keen to learn new things.
  • Enjoy art, literature, science and mathematics
  • Skilled at completing detailed work – especially knitting…

While I was working through that little list, I realised that those traits could easily be ‘describing’ any number of people – including those who aren’t a Virgo. How many non-Virgo’s can identify with the list above? How many non-Virgo’s can’t?

Inconsiderate photographers

This week I had a lovely day out. I spent a total of four and a half hours on board a steam train. My vague acquaintance and I chose an ‘open’ carriage. From here we had a lovely scenic view. The conditions were superb. The weather was perfect – it wasn’t too hazy or cloudy. The mountains stood grandly. It was perfect.

Now, I love photography but I try to be considerate of my surroundings. I don’t block the view of other people. I don’t lean across other people. I put my camera away before I block the view of other people.

This sign was strategically placed along the carriage. When my view from a photographer was being blocked, I desperately wished that a surprise tunnel or wall of rock would appear and smash their cameras up. They should be lucky that I wasn’t wishing for them to smash their heads in!!

I don’t understand why people are so inconsiderate. What makes themso damn special that it’s OK for them to lean across me and block my otherwise spectacular view? Just because I don’t have a camera in my hand doesn’t mean I am not enjoying what I am looking at. 

If nothing else, next time I pick up my camera, I shall be ultra conscientious of the people around me. I don’t want to be ruining a scene for someone else just to have a photograph to look at on my computer and share on Facebook!!



I love the stuff. I have it bought for me from a warehouse because I can’t get enough of it. I probably eat Marmite 5 times a week. Sometimes I eat it every day.

Marmite (French for “casserole dish”) was ‘discovered’ by accident in 1902 by Justus Leibig. It’s healthy – it’s rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid and the more you stir it, the paler it becomes. Marmite was included in the soldiers rations during World War I and (according to newpaper articles ages and ages ago) it might keep away the mosquitoes – that might be why I don’t get bitten all that often 😉

Marmite isn’t just for toast, either. Here’s how I eat it:

  • Marmite coated roast potatoes (or poured over my oven chips)
  • Cheesy Marmite muffins
  • Marmite and cheese straws
  • Add to soups and stews
  • Cheese and Marmite sandwiches
  • Marmite and scrambled egg on toast
  • A spoonful in a mug of boiling water (with bread and butter)

I’m interested in discovering new ways to enjoy Marmite, so please share with me how you like to eat Marmite…

Signs you might be a bad neighbour

When buying a house, I think that you should be entitled to a weeks’ stay at the property before you commit to signing the contracts. If you think about it, you go and lie on a bed when shopping for new beds and mattresses. You go and sit on sofas and chairs before splashing your cash. Yet, something as big as buying a house, you have a couple of views and that’s it. You don’t know how comfortable you’ll be once you’re there – not really.

I loved my house when I first viewed it. My dad liked it. My friends have all liked it. My grandparents like it. I like it. I just wish I knew about the neighbours before I signed any contracts.

I know that wherever you live, there might be some unsavoury characters. At the moment though, I have three. And they’re all doing my effing head in.

This post should not be construed as I regret buying my house, because I don’t.

I’ve personally given up on calling the Police every time one of my two neighbours are wailing like banshee’s in the street. There’s not much point in complaining to the Police about the illegal drugs as I highly doubt they’ll care that I have to keep rewashing my laundry… But, this morning (I wrote this blog post a few days ago, so it’s old news), I could have gotten angry.

I was messaging one of my nice neighbours because I saw the Police at the property where the commotion was last night. I don’t know who has called the Police, but I am grateful that they have. My nice neighbour informed me that the smashing I heard last night was actually a vase of flowers on the pavement! Right by my car!!

I immediately moved my car but before I did so, I had to remove bits of smashed vase from the road – I highly doubt that the wailing banshee would replace my tyres if I got a puncture from her smashed vase. And, then, all afternoon I was watching for the flowers and smashed up vase to be cleaned up. I don’t know who eventually cleared up the mess, but it wasn’t until late afternoon when the pavement was cleared of the smashed vase and flowers.

I wonder – do these morons have no shame? Do they have no self-respect? Most importantly (to me), do the landlords have no moral compass? Would they tolerate their tennant’s behaviour if it were occurring on their doorstep? Is it because these people (the offenders) move so frequently that they don’t think they need to bother to even pretend to be a half-decent citizen and instead annoy the foxtrot out of their respectful neighbours?

I’m getting a bit sick and tired of it. At night time, I want to sleep – I need to sleep. Instead, on a regular basis, I’m being woken by one of two neighbours who think that it’s acceptable to allow their personal lives to spill out into the street. They scream. They shout. There’s nothing feminine or dignified by their behaviour, yet I’m supposed to tolerate it because the landlords are no where to be seen, the council don’t care and it doesn’t matter how many times you call the Police, they can’t do anything!

If you do any of the following, I reckon that you might be a nightmare neighbour that I’m writing about:

  • You smoke your illegal cigarettes outside and make your neighbours laundry smell of your illegal drugs.
  • You scream blue murder all night long.
  • You throw your vase of flowers out of your living room window so that it smashes on the pavement right beside my car.
  • You scream in the street because a neighbour has called the Police.

If you are any of the above, you have zero respect from me.

Recent successes

As I wrote in my blog motivation is sleepingI’ve been lacking motivation. So, I thought about it. Even the smallest triumphs are to be celebrated. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

  1. I have cooked two home made dinners – a tomato and lentil soup and a spaghetti bolognese.
  2. I finally bought jeans – these have been on my to-do list since last November. I have two pairs of comfy denims from M&S.
  3. I have done all my chores. I only have some laundry to do. The only reason I’m behind on that is because I haven’t had enough for a full load!
  4. I organised and posted my step-mum’s present and card ahead of time. I made the card (and proceeded to get a shaky hand!) and I posted it all ahead of her birthday. I was super organised (for a change) so that I didn’t have to ask my friends to run those kinds of errands for me over the weekend.
  5. I didn’t spend £70 on a birthday cake and I did my annual selfie picture update for my Facebook and Twitter…

The picture I have included in this blog is not the picture that I have used for my profile pictures…