I’d rather be…

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d rather be…


Maybe I am beginning to sound like someone with attachment issues. I realise that this is the third time in so many weeks that I have mentioned my beloved “beach”.

I took this rather rubbishy photo of the fireworks using the head of a (now) 9-year-old boy as my tripod. Little did I know that this would be the last time we sat outside our hut and watched the fireworks. It was one of my favourite nights of the summer. Everyone was sociable. The bonfires were lit along the beach. There was a real feeling of community spirit.

Every day, I’d rather be back there. But, who wouldn’t?


Sharing my world II

Share Your World blog challenge.

If a distant uncle dies and I were always his favourite and leaves me £50,000 in his will, what would I do?

I would be very shocked, to be honest. First of all, for being his favourite. Secondly, I’m pretty sure that if my uncle had £50,000 he would spend it himself rather than leave it for me!! But, let’s pretend that I am my uncle’s favourite, and that he does have £50,000 for me… I would invest it. I don’t know how, but I wouldn’t “blow it”. Although, I would maybe try and build a Toblerone memorial for the rest of us to eat. If my uncle likes anything, it’s a Toblerone. Or, at least, I hope he does, because every year I get him one and he’s always seemed pleased with it…

What sound/s do I love?

The sound of the sea. Be it a gentle splash or a stormy crash…

What’s my middle name? Why?

Jacqueline – but I don’t know why. I always thought it was after my great-aunt but I can’t imagine that she and my mum are that close. My great-aunt is lovely though, so I would have been honoured to have been named after her…

What did I appreciate or what made me smile this past week?

I had a week away. I went to sunny, tropical Scotland. Unfortunately, I haven’t been left a £50,000 legacy from a distant uncle, so I couldn’t afford the 5* hotels on this occasion. Fortunately, there were some hostels open. So, for £1, I bought some earplugs. There’s nothing worse than snoring strangers to get your blood boiling while you’re trying to get sleep. So, I have a greater appreciation for ear plugs. My early morning stranger lady could have done with a pair of these…


Sharing my world

Cee’s Share Your World challenge. I thought I would give it a go 🙂

What am I reading? I have two books running alongside each other. I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix and I’m reading a book that I’ve been sent to review – which isn’t my usual genre, but I’m quite getting into it!

What was my first job? I was a “bakery packer” in Safeway when I was 16. I worked on a Saturday from 8am-5pm. It was quite an easy job. And fun.

What’s my favourite cereal? Coco-pops. The ones from Tesco. I don’t eat them every day. I don’t even have any in my cupboard at the moment.

What made me smile last week? Lots of things. But, in particular, on Wednesday I dropped someone off so that they could go and do a walk. By 8:30am, I was looking at this wonderful scene:


There was barely anyone else around. I suppose most people were on their way to work!

It’s not what it looks like…


It’s not as bad as it might look. I know that it doesn’t look great, but I can explain myself.

First of all, it’s James’ fault. I gave him my camera to hold as I went down into the puddle with Immy. Funnily enough, I didn’t want the camera to get broken if I fell. I’ve learnt from my brother that cameras don’t mix well with water. If James didn’t have hold of my camera, this photograph wouldn’t exist.

Immy said she was going to splash me. As she said that, I turned and I was going to kick water at Immy but she ran off and tripped and got wet all by herself. I nearly fell on another rock as I was turning towards her. In this photo, I’m actually balancing myself because I remembered my phone and car key was in my pocket (and because I didn’t want to get wet!!).

I mean, she’s 13-years-old. Surely she doesn’t need me to explain to her that you should run in rocky puddles?

Well, she got wetter than she would have done if she had just let me splash her.

She was alright afterwards. I checked she was ok before I started laughing my backside off. She was in good spirits. She always is.


Weekly Photo Challenge: beloved.


I feel that I ought to add a disclaimer to my siblings: just because I’ve used this photo, it doesn’t necessarily mean that SF* is my favourite sibling. It just means that I’ve known him the longest, so I’ve loved him the longest…

Also, it’s an old photo. Of someone I love dearly. In a place that I miss so much that it still makes my eyes prickle with tears. With a biscuit breakfast that, to this day, I still enjoy. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for me to have used a photo of our (old) beach hut as the theme for “beloved”!!

I love my siblings, dearly. My brother – in this photo – is one of the people I trust the most in this world. Except, I’ve never told him that. I never will. If he reads my blog (which I doubt he does) then he will know now. But if he doesn’t, it’s not important that he knows this little triviality.

You see, SF and I have been through a lot together, you could say. He, like my grandparents, has been a consistent person in my life. I miss living with him. I miss harassing him as I pass his bedroom door. I miss his companionship. He’s probably closer to our 27-year-old half-brother (seeing as they have gaming in common). Perhaps it’s because of our “shared childhood”.

I’m close to my other siblings, too, I hope. Well, most of them. The two from my mum’s second marriage I don’t have much to do with. Well, I do the elder one, but not the younger one. As you can tell, my family set-up is rather complex. Who’s isn’t?

*SF are the initials of a nickname that I have for my brother. His nickname for me is worse. It’s a friendly term of endearment. 🙂 

Variations on a Theme

Weekly Photo Challenge: variations on a theme


I admit, there’s a lot of alcohol in this picture. But that isn’t the variation on a theme part of my photo – well, it could be, if you look at it from the “how much alcohol is in Becky’s trolley?”

The Advocaat was for Grandad. The wine bottle was probably for me. The chocolates were a gift (I only eat those chocolates if they’re a gift). It’s the cider we’re writing about.

Until a few years ago, I didn’t really like cider. But then, I went out one night. I had run out of cash so I just drank my friends drink and thought it was rather nice. Since then, I have enjoyed the occasional cider.

Since “relocating” and making friends, I have discovered (through one of my new friends) the delights of these “flavoured” ciders. I didn’t know that cider could come in so many flavours – I always thought cider was only in apple or pear flavour. But actually, cider comes in many different flavours.

I think the best ones I’ve had are an elderflower flavoured one, and a passionfruit cider.