Flowers from O2

People complain a lot about customer service. I sort-of complained about it in my blog post yesterday. Today, I’m blogging with a positive story.

My mobile phone provider sent me flowers today. I don’t know why. I interacted with them on Twitter a few days ago when they answered one of my tweets – non-mobile phone related.

This is the second time that I have received a box in the post from O2. This time, I got flowers through the post – I didn’t even know such a service existed! I always thought you had to phone a shop and get them to deliver them!

They’re very pretty flowers.

Thank you, O2.



A while ago… 6 months ago… ish… My brother gave me one of his old sewing machines.

My brother is a tailor. He also taught me to knit. He sort of deserves a mention at some point.

I can sew but usually I do it by hand if I can’t find someone to do it for me – and now that I live too far away from both of my servants (Rick and Nanna), I thought that I would take him up on the sewing machine offer and learn how to use it. Well, that was six months (ish) ago… Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I thought that now might be a good time to learn how to use it.

I have used a sewing machine in the past – when I was at school. I made a hat when I was in Year 9. It was a Formula One themed hat with a red and white brim (chicane), a Finnish flag on the top (for Mika Hakkinen, of course) and a load of flags sewn around it, flapping in the breeze. I don’t know what has happened the the hat, but it is one of the only things I’ve ever made on a sewing machine.

The truth is that I’m a little bit scared of sewing machines. They go too fast, they unthread themselves and the needle really, really hurts when it goes in your finger.

From the moment I got it, I knew that it would need a new power cable – so I got one before the New Year. It was less than a tenner from Maplin. But then I realised that it needed a pedal. I searched high and low for it before asking my Nanna what it might look like. I was convinced that I had put it “somewhere safe”. I searched in my cupboards and I even went up the wobbly ladder to the loft before Nanna replied “Rick doesn’t think it had a pedal”. So, onto Amazon I went. I ordered a pedal.

Great. I had my power lead and my pedal. I got my Kindle out and opened the YouTube app and searched for the tutorial on sewing machines. But it didn’t have any bobbins. Not a problem! I’ll just pop out and buy some.

So, I went to a shop that shall not be named. I approached a lady. I asked “do you sell any bobbies for sewing machines?”

Well, she was confused.

I don’t know if I can blame it on a hearing loss but I was convinced they were called bobbies. It actually turns out that the little children’s song is actually “wind the bobbin in” not “wind the bobbie in”.

After realising that I wanted a bobbin (not a bobbie) the sales assistant informed me that they do have bobbins and then gave them to me. While I was still in earshot she was telling her buddy behind the counter – laughing at my expense (I presume it was at my expense because she kept saying “bobbie”). So I went to the counter and I said “thanks for helping me, but I’ll go on Amazon and buy them from there.”

I think it is polite to wait until your customer has left the shop before you start laughing at them.

All in an evening’s work…

I saw this hat on Three Cats and a Girl‘s blog, with a pattern and thought that it looked quite simple and that I could have a go.

First of all, I’m not a fast knitter – no matter how many knitting video’s I watch on YouTube, I can’t hold the right needle properly. I sort of balance it in my lap. While I’m writing about this issue, if anyone has any good tips or video’s that they can recommend on this matter, I would be very grateful…

Bearing in mind that I’m not a fast knitter, I was surprised at how quickly I managed to finish it! I completed it in one evening while watching back-to-back rubbish on the TV.

I have tried to make pompoms in the past and have not been successful. I tried on this occasion to make a pompom, but I think it looks ok without one 😉

It can go in my stock-pile of things that I seem to be building up. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these things, but all this knitting is keeping idle hands very busy hands…


Some more Q’s to A from AJ’s blog.

Why did you start your blog? Originally, back in the day, my blog was on ‘blogspot’ as a way to update people on how I was doing in the hospital – this was before Facebook was as fashionable as it was. Now, it’s just something to do that I enjoy.

What do you like blogging about best? Reading the blogs of other people – when they share things like their day, sometimes it makes me wonder what I’m complaining about. Other blogs share tips with their knitting. Other blogs provide me with inspiration for things to do and try.

Have you shared your blog with your physical friends and family? Yes. It’s nice to share it with my step-mum but sharing it with my another relative was bad – it made me stop blogging for a bit. They would constantly bring up topics I had blogged about – which is nice because they read it, but they would pry into other areas.

How long do you spend blogging and reading blogs each day? Not long at all. It’s like social media. I have a look. I interact where appropriate. I post where appropriate.

What is your favourite blog post of yours? I don’t actually have one – not yet.


(as taken from AJ’s blog post)

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you. 
  • Nominate around ten bloggers. I will nominate one blogger – my step-mum, Fi (and whoever else wants to answer my questions).
  • Create your set of questions for your nominees. See below…
  • List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post.

My questions:

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What do you wish others would blog about more often?
  3. Where do you go to for blog post ideas when you’re out of them yourself?
  4. Have you made many friends through blogging?
  5. What are the best things about reading blog posts written by others?


I must admit – fashion isn’t anything I fully understand.

Funnily enough, I was talking about my thoughts on wearing pyjama’s outside yesterday with my friend but this blog post has been prompted by me walking home from the GP surgery, LOL-ing to myself. I saw a clone of my 17-year-old sister. Knee’s hanging out. Tongue out. Taking a selfie in the bus stop.

Just to get it out of the way, my opinion on wearing pyjama’s outside is that it’s not ok unless you’re in your car and staying in your car; you’re putting rubbish in your dustbin or you’re going to the hospital. Even when you’re going to the hospital, you should make some effort to dress yourself, especially if it’s just a routine outpatients follow-up. I do support the headteacher in this story – asking her students parents to at least put day clothes on for the school run, assemblies and parents evenings.

Any way, back to why I thought I would write this blog post…

Well, I give SmEllie some stick over her “fashion” or “style” (apparently “style” is the new word for “fashion”). So does her Dad. Her dad mostly sticks to the jeans issue. I generally stick to the “why do you have to have your tongue hanging out of your gob in every picture you take?” She really does ruin a good picture by having her tongue hanging out of her mouth in pictures. Maybe it’s another trend that I don’t know about because I’m not following the trendometer?

There I was, walking past the bus stop, and I saw a pretty young girl with her ripped jeans, plumped up lips, false lashes and her tongue hanging out like a little puppy dog, taking a selfie. And it was all I could do not to let out a little LOL. And, as I was LOL-ing my way back to my house, I was wondering “is this how ridiculous that sister of mine looks when she is getting a picture taken with a tongue hanging out?” Is it supposed to be “cool”?

Other “trends” I’m not “getting” include “ugly-cool” trainers and unicorns. I’m wondering if someone can explain these to me?


It’s only eight days into 2018 and already I am planning my second trip to the cinema – for tomorrow.

Last week, while out with a friend, we decided to have a look and see what was on at the cinema. The first thing I saw was “Molly’s Game” and thought that my friend might not want to see it – but they did, so off we went. My friend took their popcorn, and I went in with a rocky road tray bake (as you do) and we sat through “Molly’s Game”. It was a good movie – it certainly has given me food for thought with regards to any future career that I may embark on. Do I take up professional Olympic skiing or do I start hosting poker games? It’s a hard one to pick. I’m pretty sure I can’t do both as one entails ensuring I don’t seriously injure myself and the second one means that I have to concentrate on looking glamorous. I’m confident that I can’t do both at the same time…

The film that I’m going to see tomorrow is “All the Money in the World” which I understand has been refilmed with a different actor because originally it had Kevin Spacey in it. So, with my Compare the Market coupon, my friend and I are going to watch it tomorrow evening.

By arriving at the cinema early to watch the trailers, I actually have a small list of movies that I want to go and see:

  • The Post (because, I like Tom Hanks films, and Meryl Streep isn’t a mad actress either)
  • Darkest Hour – where Sirius Black is transformed into Winston Churchill
  • The Commuter – the trailer just looked rather exciting
  • Mamma Mia 2 – which I’m sure my current cinema buddy won’t want to see, but I know a woman who will come with me for that…

I think this is the first time in a few years where there are films that I really want to see in the cinema. I don’t know how the Compare the Market website works, but I have bought my insurance through them for my house and holiday last October, so I have had a few 2 for 1 coupons from them. As long as I’m getting them, I’ll justify a trip to the cinema…