My Hormone Replacement Therapy has begun.

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I thought that I might have a few more years before I entered this territory. I already knew that I was at risk from an early menopause because of my bone marrow transplant eight years ago. Never did I think that I would end up having the menopause induced by radiotherapy for another health problem. Surely it’s someone else’s turn?

Anyway, this is how it is. I am having menopausal side effects (or symptoms?) and now I am on the HRT patch, after having my contraceptive implant removed yesterday.

This patch brings with it the hope of saying goodbye to the hot flushes I’ve been having. I know that they’re not magic patches, but hopefully, too, they’ll help me feel less creaky!!

Right at the beginning of my treatment, I aired some concerns with the oncologist regarding the need to take HRT – I was worried about the risk of other female cancers developing. My fears were eased by my oncologist, but reading the leaflet has raised fresh fears which I will discuss in December when I return to see the lovely lady – she really is quite super!

I know that it’ll all take a while for things to settle down. Physically, I need to get healed. Emotionally I need to appreciate what’s been happening with my life. Despite steering the last few months pretty well, I have been forced into a lane I didn’t want to be in! But the letter I received in the post yesterday from my oncologist, is very encouraging to read 🙂

So, at 31-years-old, I say “hello HRT”… Let’s see how we get on…


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