Weekly Photo Challenge: windows


“Looking out a dirty old window…” – those are the opening lyrics of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America

Ok, this window is dirty, but it wasn’t very old. Well, it wasn’t as old as the windows were when the original hut burnt down…

This might not look like much, but for me, this is the best view in the world. No matter what was happening in life, this was the place where I felt my safest. No matter what challenges I was facing, this is where I felt most at peace. And, when I felt really, really lonely, this is where I felt most welcome…

Like many days in our British summers, this was taken on a drizzly day. I know that it was taken “in season” because the window view wouldn’t have been on offer “out of season” because we would only have opened the shutter to give us access to the door!! The stones outside look wet. The weather generally looks a bit moody. We were probably drier and warmer inside. For some reason, I had decided to take a photo of the miserable day.

No matter what the weather, this is the best place on Earth.


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