Inspiring myself to eat

Usually I’m all about the food, but, these past few weeks, I feel that I need to be motivated and inspired to even open my fridge. I was wondering earlier “what are the best dinners I’ve had?” – I rather hoped that one of those meals would inspire me (and yes, it has!).

11115771_10155437923345434_6370014121688157387_nI’ll be honest – I like food that isn’t good for me. I like fish and chips, hot dogs, sausage rolls, crisps, cake, chocolate, chocolate cake, chips… But my #1 go to food is a burger. If I am in a restaurant and I cannot decide on what to eat, I will always pick a burger and hope that I’m not going to be disappointed.

The best burger that I have eaten (not the one pictured) was last year, on my birthday, in a roadside diner. To be honest, those roadside diners aren’t really the type of place that I would choose to eat at but the person I was with recommended it, so we went there. I wasn’t disappointed.

Right now, I’m looking forward to having a burger on Sunday. I have some in my fridge waiting to go on my BBQ.

So, Sunday’s dinner is planned. What about tonight’s?

11541011_10155735411400434_144120354231359204_nI like curries. I don’t like them stupidly hot. I prefer milder ones – a chicken tikka masala does me just fine. I either defrost a pitta bread from my fridge, or I open a packet of ready salted crisps to dunk into it. I’d prefer a “pomp-a-dom”, but opening a packet for just me is a bit of a waste.

I’ve learnt to make a half-decent curry (if I do say so myself) but the best curry I’ve ever eaten have been made by our west country family friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have the freezer space to make one for myself, and I really don’t want to be over-phased by a big pot of the stuff, so I have a £1 ready meal waiting for me to lovingly cook in the microwave.

13590320_10157165416845434_1230712252449396403_nI’ve had ready meals before. However, since living alone, I’ve tried to avoid them in favour of cooking my own ‘ready meals’. I can make them cheaper, know what I’ve put in them, and use less salt than what the boxes say are in the supermarket made ones. Unfortunately, life at the moment means that I’m probably better off with a selection of them in the freezer, and they really aren’t that bad! I had a roast dinner one last night – it was absolutely delicious. I was actually quite disappointed to finish it, but all nice things must end.

The photo that I’ve included are some ready meals that I made for myself – roast chicken dinners. Nothing beats it being home made – the best ones were cooked by Grandma and continue to be cooked by Nanna and a popular roast-dinner-restaurant-chain. But my £1 dinner wasn’t too shabby.


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