Cystitis myth?

I have been feeling a bit rough in the last few days. I have a bit of a problem. I have cystitis that is a kind-of side effect to something I’m currently going through. All I know is that it definitely isn’t a bladder infection.

I’ve had cystitis before, but I’ve always been given some medicine. I would then take the medicine and the symptoms would go away. Not now. No. Now, I have to suffer.

I am keeping hydrated, as instructed by the professionals who know what they’re talking about. However, what goes in must come out. Yep. What goes in one end has to pass through my system and come out of the other end. And then I’m back to square 1: it hurts.

I’ve reduced the intake of things that are ‘known’ to aggravate the problem – so I’ve cut back on mugs of tea and glasses of cola. I’m not a big alcohol drinker, so by not drinking, I’m not missing anything. However, the pains persist and the professionals sympathetically remind me to drink, drink, drink.

Whenever I’ve had cystitis before, I’ve turned to my trusted friend, cranberry (and raspberry) juice (because I don’t like plain cranberry juice very much). I know that some people might scoff and exclaim “that old wives tale!” but, in the past, it has helped. Or, has it been that the medicine has worked faster than I thought it did? Because, it’s not doing very much for me at the moment. I notice a difference when I drink it, but perhaps that is psychological?

This morning, I was talking to a lady who seemed to know her stuff. She understood the anatomy and she understood the side effects. Then, I went to the supermarket and I did something that I pride myself on rarely doing: I took the advice of an armchair expert who I barely know. I bought some lemon and barley water.

It’s probably too early to tell whether this will help me, but I’m pretty much at the point where I will try anything to make life in the bathroom a little nicer. But, it is interesting, isn’t it? We have all these methods that have been “tried and tested”, and we’re still not really sure what will help and what won’t. I’ve had some doctors really promote drinking cranberry juice, while others say “I wouldn’t bother”. Over the next few days, if I don’t see any improvement, I will conclude that (for myself at least) cranberry juice and barley water are just old wives tales…


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