My top YouTube videos

I’ve been cheering myself up by watching YouTube videos when I’m bored. I’ve saved some of my favourites, but I thought that I would share with you a couple of my favourite ones…

Murray Walker and Damon Hill’s Pizza Hut advert. It’s not even that funny, but I enjoy watching it. Maybe because it’s Murray. And because it’s Murray, it links to a bunch of videos relating to Murray’s gaffes as a commentator.

The London Underground song. This is the rude version with swearing in it, so please don’t get yourselves into trouble by opening it. It reminds me of my experiences on the Tube so I think that’s why I like this song… I’m not keen on the curry song that it recommends because I’ve watched this one, though…

The Reggae Shark video was shown to me (/us) by my genetics lecturer a few years ago. I’m still struggling to understand the relevance to the subject, but I enjoy it.

Any of the Animusic videos – I just think they’re so clever. This particular one was shown to me (/us) by a Haematology lecturer who thought it represented blood cell development. I think that all the Animusic videos are cleverly done.

I’m always on the lookout for good YouTube videos to watch when I’m feeling a bit bored or miserable. If you can recommend any, please do (via the comments section or Twitter).


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