A blog idea fail

I was looking on the Internet (Pinterest) for ideas on what to blog. One idea intrigued me – I could take a photo for every hour in the day. I thought “well, I can do that! No problem!” I like taking pictures. How difficult can it be to take my camera out once every hour?!

Actually, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I’ve been attempting this idea most days for a weeks, and on Monday, I came closer than I had been before. I took more than one photo. I woke up and I took a picture, which was amazing in itself as I had misjudged the timings of where I had to be, how early I needed to be, travel time and um……. getting out of bed time.

It’s not many, but for the purpose of the blog post, it’s the best I’ve done. These four photos represents how most of my spare time is spent at the moment. I think these pictures capture the honesty quite nicely. I get up. I go to the park and ride (if I have an appointment after 9am) and wait on the bench. Sometimes I hop straight on the bus. I come home, after visiting my friends for a cup of tea, have some lunch and straighten my sheets. I amuse myself for the afternoon before cooking my dinner and doing some knitting in front of the television.

While my routines seem to be quite similar day-to-day at the moment, they do have some variables. On Monday, I stopped to see the recycled teens for a brew. Through the magic of photography, I traveled to Venice, Iceland and (maybe?) Egypt. Yesterday, I had a slightly busier day, so I stopped for a pizza lunch. Today? I might microwave yesterday’s doughnuts to de-stale them, or, I might mop my bathroom floor…


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