A green week

Someone had (kindly) offered to help me, but I wanted to get on with it to give myself something to do. It’s kind that someone wanted to help, but I’m not an invalid. It’s my garden. I have a mediocre immune system. I’m physically and medically allowed. I can. I will. So I did…

I just chopped, and chopped and chopped.


I started with an overgrown wilderness. What the photo doesn’t properly show is that things were so overgrown that I couldn’t access my shed without a battle, and that my washing line was more of a feature for the things to use as a climbing frame, rather than for me to dry my clothes.

All the chopping was quite therapeutic. I hacked away, filling my garden waste bags. I have now filled six (a man down the road guessed 13, my friend scoffed at 6 and guessed 2 – I’m more with the neighbours guess)… I’ve done 30 minutes here and there because I’ve had my nose in a few good books this week, so, all the while I’m in the garden, I’m missing out on valuable reading time… But, also, if I went at it like a bull in a china shop, I’m not so sure I’d enjoy the process.


I have had some tough stuff to hack through. I was chopping away, wondering who I could ask to come with a chain saw. The most obvious person I could think of was one of the recycled teenagers where I get given copious tea, or, a vague acquaintance who I know possesses a chain saw. Hopefully the vague acquaintance won’t forget, and will come with a chain saw to chop through the big branches.

For the smaller branches, I have treated myself to a saw-knife-chopper-thing. Well, my brother bought it for me because I used a gift card that he gave me to buy it.

This knife-saw-chopper seemed a little safer to use than a bow saw (which you apparently use for gardening) and I figured that it might come in handy for other things. I’m not too sure what those other things might be, but, it seemed more value for money than a bow saw that I hopefully wouldn’t need after this job has been done. It’s actually quite sharp and easy to use but it won’t cut through those big branches!

So, after a week, what do I have to show for my hard work? I have this:




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