Green fingers

I, to a certain extent, have an interest in gardening. I like to grow vegetables that I can eat. At the moment, my garden is a bit of a wilderness. It’s only a small garden, but it’s big enough for me, my interests and what I want to do.

As horrified as people may be, I want to get rid of everything – and I mean, everything. The only plants that I want, are the ones that I have planted in pots. I don’t want to keep things that “look pretty” and I don’t want to keep things because they produce beautiful flowers. I want things in my garden that I have chosen and that I can grow in pots and bags. I want to be able to move things around in the garden, and I want to be able to access my washing line. Currently, my washing line is being assaulted by the overgrowing bushes and plants and is an anchor point for many cob webs. I can’t even get in and out of my shed without being harassed by the overgrowth!


I have plans – albeit, simple and boring!

  • I’m going to clear it all, with the exception of what I’ve planted (along the right wall in the growing bags).
  • I’ll get a longer washing line and “rewire” it to create more space to hang more stuff outside.
  • I would like to put a deckchair in the corner (bottom left of the picture), with a little paddling pool that my next door neighbour has kindly offered me (so that I can sit there and use my BBQ).
  • I would like to hang bunting and solar panel night lights around the garden.
  • I would like to get a new shed door sorted out.
  • I’ll clear my shed of all the cardboard rubbish that I have stored in there from when I moved in.

I have the rest of the summer to crack on with this job. I’m thinking “an hour a day…” – but there are other circumstances which might not permit this plan. Still, it’s something for me to work at and plan.

I am open to suggestions as to how my garden might be improved – so long as it’s not “you should keep [x]”. I don’t want to keep anything that I haven’t put there. I’m also open to tips on how to make sure things don’t grow back – I’ve heard that salt is good to kill off plants and weeds, and that beer attracts the slugs…


2 thoughts on “Green fingers

  1. Boiling water to kill plants has less long-term effect on the environment than salt. Sounds like you are making some good plans and choices. Best of luck.

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