Best tip ever: pick up the phone!

I’m not a great lover of picking up the phone to deal with serious issues, but I’ve had to do a lot of phoning people in recent weeks. I’ve had to make phone calls to chase things up. I’ve had to make phone calls to provide information. I’ve had to make phone calls to obtain information.

When making these phone calls – especially to the big companies – I phone between 2:30-3:30pm (when the school run’s being done) or between 5-7pm (when tea’s being cooked). That’s greatly eased my hatred towards making these phone calls. But, some of these phone calls have been quite beneficial to me!

First of all, I’ve managed to get my gas and electricity cheaper by giving them up-to-date meter readings. My monthly payments have been cut by £30/month – which, during these times, is desperately needed!

Second of all, I’ve had to chase a government department about giving me some money. I haven’t been all that impressed that I just get told “soon” and “you’ll hear something in the post”. But, now, I have someone else chasing them on my behalf. I should get some money next week.

Thirdly, I have had to phone the hospital to find out when all my appointments will be over the next five weeks. After being told “we’ll tell you on Monday” (on my first trip), I decided that wasn’t good enough. I’ve got other things to plan. I’ve got people to work around. I have a social life to plan. So I phoned back and spoke to someone that actually cared that I have a life. They posted me a sheet of paper with my provisional dates on.

Fourth, and finally, I made a phone call to my bank who told me that I’ve been collecting rewards and that I have over £40 of these rewards. I’ve decided to save them until Christmas. Not to buy Christmas presents, but to buy myself something pretty. I think by Christmas I would have earnt it!



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