This year, I finally finished editing and consolidating the journals that I kept during and after my treatment for aplastic anaemia. In April, I decided to take the ‘brave’ step by publishing my finished piece of work. Under the nom de plume of ‘Ethel Shambles’, I uploaded my finished accomplishment on Amazon.

Last week, I was looking for a different cover for my eBook and wondered “why am I hiding behind a pen name when I blog under my real name and I Twitter under my real name?” It seems rather odd that I have fulfilled one of my ambitions (to write) and then hide behind a nom de plume when I don’t wear a mask for anything else. So, I have made another ‘brave’ decision – I edited the information for the eBook and published under my real name: R. J. Sefton.

By changing this information, I can no longer offer it as a paperback copy. It would seem that I have complicated things by changing the author, because the paperback has an assigned ISBN number. I will try and figure something out, but for now, my work is now available from Amazon on the Kindle for £1.99. Apparently when advertising the link, I ought to provide it with links to the and the .com stores (according to some sources), so I have hyperlinked them accordingly.

This week, I shall upload the two ‘entries’ from Journal of the Nightmare Patient which I previously shared under my nom de plume so that they are available to read again. Should you wish to read the finished version in its entirety, well, you know what you’ll have to do…

(The two entries have been uploaded: here and here)


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