She’ll be coming round the mountain…

My mood hasn’t been all that great over the last week, so when I was out and about with my friend, and I showed enthusiastic interest in a particular mountain, he decided that we should do it. I didn’t object. I didn’t oppose the idea. I didn’t try to come up with an excuse as to why I couldn’t go out. In fact, I rather looked forward to the climb – it’s a bit scrambly and I like to scramble.

We got up to the top of Tryfan in 3.5 hours. I’m sure my friend would have been quicker, but he was having to wait for me. I’m not a quick walker. In my defence, he knows that.

It was about 18:50 when we left the top to come down. Coming down rocks is always a bit trickier (for me) than going up them. However, knowing what a slow coach I am, my friend was confident that we’d either be on the path or back to my car before it began to get dark.

Well, a combination of poor decision making on my friends part (regarding our route down), and slow walking on my part, meant it was 23:35 before we reached my car. Thankfully one of us had a head torch. We both would have but my confident (and experienced) climbing/mountain friend was sure that we wouldn’t need one head torch, let alone two! So I left mine at home and had to wear my friends torch.

Not only had we been to the top, but we’d also been all around the mountain. It’s not a grassy mountain. It’s a rocky one with massive boulders to climb over.

This morning there’s not a bit of me that doesn’t ache. My muscles feel like they’ve died. I think if it isn’t hurting, it’s probably become numb. Someone should probably dig out a walking frame for me…

I’ve written this blog post from my lovely warm bath…

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