Pay to pee!?

I know that the concept of having to “spend a penny” has been around for a rather long time, now. The Internet has just told me that it can be traced back for 2,000 years. I’m just shocked by the fact that this is (still) legal.

I am human (LOL).

I drink fluids – all the medical experts are telling us mere mortals that we need to drink so much per day…

I urinate. What goes in, must come out.

Yesterday (and on several other occasions) I have faced a bit of an issue: to be able to urinate in a toilet, I have to pay 20p.

I could choose not to pay the 20p. By choosing not to pay, I run the risk of either developing a urinary tract infection (which I’ve been prone to in the past), wetting myself as I can’t hold it in much longer, or being arrested for urinating in public. The last option appeals to me more than being forced to pay for the privilege of using a toilet.

What disgusts me the most about the idea of paying to pee, is that dogs and cats can pee and poop wherever they like without being charged. At least I pay my taxes! Not only do I pay my income tax, but I also pay my council tax – yet, in the county I live in, I still have to pay to pee when I’m out in public! Loads of people, everywhere, are forced to pay to pee.

How is this even the slightest bit legal? With all the Human Rights that hover around, how is it that in some places, there is no other option but to pay to pee?

Sometimes I have no change on me. Sometimes, the change that I do have on me, doesn’t add up to charge being imposed. Some of these machines don’t even give change – so, am I really going to put a £1 coin into the machine? I don’t think so. I could go into a nearby pub and use their toilet instead, but they sometimes put signs up to inform us that the toilets are for paying customers only. And when I don’t have change on me? Well, that’s when I have to beg – and even when I’ve had to do that, I’ve not been successful.

I have considered putting loose change in my car, or keeping a spare change on me. Sometimes, I don’t go out in my car. Sometimes I just take my bank card when I go out. Sometimes I really need to spend the loose change on other things that I have to pay for – like parking.

I understand that the money supposedly goes towards maintaining the toilets and making them all lovely for us users. I don’t see that, myself. In fact, the free toilets are often a lot cleaner and are more “equipped*” than the ones I pay to use!

*By equipped, I mean, toilet paper and soap. I don’t mean that I’m greeted with a champagne reception with canapes…

In all seriousness – I understand that these toilets have to be maintained, but I think there should be an alternative way to go about this. If I denied someone that I was caring for access to the toilet, I would be in in court on all sorts of criminal charges – and, no doubt there would be some Human Rights law that I would be breaking. Wouldn’t an honesty box work out better? For the times we can’t pay the charge they impose, we can still use the toilet. But for the times we can pay the charge they impose, we pay – and pay our debts?

2 thoughts on “Pay to pee!?

  1. 20p? You get to go to the loo for half the price of us. We have to pay 40p in York. Fortunately, we do have a few larger stores eg Marks and Spencer, Brown’s and Fenwick which have toilets we can run in and use. Of course, the queue is always really long.
    It helps if the public loos are open too, though. I seem to remember having to “sneak” in to a hotel in Llandudno when the loo we had walked all the way down the promenade to use was closed!

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