I’ve decided that I will decorate one of the rooms in my house. I had big plans to start between Christmas and the New Year. I actually had big plans to complete the task before I return to work on the 3rd. In theory, I have begun this mammoth task (Rayna disagrees LOL). I have been shopping for supplies. I’ve moved my deadline to a more realistic timeframe – I’d like to have completed my decorating by SSeptember!

I have been given lots of advice regarding this matter – all of which has been greatly received. Some of the advice that I’ve received has been somewhat conflicting, though. The Internet hasn’t been of much help in getting definitive answers, either. 

Rayna sacrificed a PJ day for me by taking me to the shops where, in B&Q, my education on decorating has begun. Fi had already suggested that I pull the wallpaper off the wall before I paint it – which other people had also suggested. I see that this is possibily the best idea because I don’t want the wall paper showing through the paint! I don’t like the wallpaper, hence the fact I want to decorate. So, I have bought a scraper. 

What about a steamer? So many people have told me that a steamer is an essential piece of kit for my bit of decorating, but the wise people (both on and off the Internet) have informed me that a sponge and hot water is just as effective. So, I got some sponges!

Someone else (as well as Rayna) suggested I wash the walls before I started slapping the paint on. I thought they meant by using soapy water or bleach water. Rayna steered me towards sugar soap that I have to dilute in water! So I have some sugar soap!

And then I got a good deal on rollers, trays and brushes! 

As you can see, I have started my decorating adventure. I am preparing for the challenge that awaits me. 

Between Rayna and a B&Q booklet, I am now sufficiently educated on the types of paint there are available to me. Matt for the walls, satin for the wood? I think! I can’t quite remember! I think I have that right!

But then there are the different colours! 

First of all: my house, my money, my choice. 

I want a pink and purple scheme. They’re my favourite colours and the room I’m decorating is a room that I’ll be spending a lot of time in after September, so, I want it cheerful and not too cluttered! It turns out, though, there are more variants of pink and purple than I could ever have imagined. So, I have lots of colour cards to put on the walls once I strip the walls. 

After all of this, I regret responding to the question “will you get someone in to do your decorating?” with “it’s only a tiny room, how hard can it be?!”

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