New house, new adventure…

This year I have been in a position to get my hands on a house. 

So, I got my hands on a house.

I’ve been here now for nearly 5 weeks and the only major job I’ve had to do is get a lock to my back gate. It’s a temporary fix because I need a new shed door and it was important to me that I have a safe place to keep my bike. I have a few jobs lined up – I want to make the steps into the garden safer, I need to make my attic access safer and decorate my study room. I also have big plans to have a vegetable garden in my little yard – a job I hope to get started on in the New Year so I might get a small yield this summer and autumn! 

It’s odd that I no longer have a landlord! I can pretty much do as I please here without checking it’s OK first. I could paint every inch of my house neon pink and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. I don’t think that part has sunk in yet. 

My neighbours all appear to be very nice – I can’t hear any of them which must be a testament to the way these quarry cottages were built! In the house I was renting (a newish build (70s or 80s)) I could hear my next door neighbour banging cupboard doors as though she was in the house with me! Also, I’m further up the hill from the dual carriageway and train tracks than in my rented house, so that adds to the quietness.

I can see a bit of the sea from my kitchen which makes it a great place to sit with a brew and a packet of biscuits!! It’s also a beautiful kitchen (I think!) so it welcomes me to sit there.

It was a bit stressful moving so I hope that I don’t have to do it again for a good few years!! It’s not just the logistics of moving stuff but of phoning all the people – the utilities, the council tax people… But, I hope to enjoy a few decades here, so thank you for making it possible!

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