December Intro

1st December represents a very important date for me. I can begin opening the windows on my advent calendar. What’s more exciting than that? A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away…

1st December also represents that I have 13 sleeps until my big exam. That’s a bit depressing.

December means that I have a run of night shifts leading up to Christmas – which I love. I prefer working the night shift. They fly by quicker. Whilst the rest of the world sleeps, I’m working. I can have a quick look in the shops early in the morning, go home to bed and sleep the day away.

December also means that my brother and I can get the Christmas Tree out and decorate it in our tasteless fashion. I have a feeling that Nanna goes and redecorates it when we’re not looking, but we think it looks terrific when we’ve finished with it.

Most importantly for me, December means that Christmas is just down the road. For me, this means that my next trip to Wales is just over a month away.

I love the run up to Christmas, even if the big day itself feels a bit like an anti-climax. I love the colours, the lights, the music, the smells and the tastes. December is usually always a good month.

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