7 things that cross my mind a lot

My mind is always working. I’m always thinking, wondering, questioning and analysing. Currently, these are the top 7 which are crossing my mind a lot.

  1. Will I regret the decisions I make now when I am older? When I say ‘older’, I’m referring to when I reach my 70s and beyond. 
  2. Is there any luck in my lucky bamboo? 
  3. I’m always thinking about my next burger. Where will I have it? When? Will it be a good one? Or will I regret eating it?
  4. I’m thinking a lot about my exam which is in 29 days. I’ve begun revising already. There’s no harm in being prepared. I’m worrying that nothing will stick in my mind. I’ve been doing practice exam questions to try writing against the clock, and I feel that I am doing quite well, but in past experiences, it goes wrong when I get into the exam hall. Positive thinking. I re-ask the question I posed in point 2.
  5. I’m thinking that I need a 2016 calendar. I’ve been thinking this for a while. But I want one with squares in it for the days. I can’t find a plain one in the supermarkets.
  6. I wonder if I’ll get a “lucky break” that some people talk about.
  7. The scientist in me is in awe of how our bodies function. I think about that quite a bit.

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