There is a story behind this sofa, but I will tell it some time when I won’t sound like a spoilt brat.

The sofa arrived today. Grandad now has his own bed for when he visits – if he’s happy, I can learn to live with it.


A knitted hug

I found a ball of wool that supposedly knitted an entire shawl. I was a bit skeptical, but I bought it anyway. The worse that could happen would be that I would have to rip it back and start again with a new plan.

I opened the ball of wool and there was a pattern for a shawl. It looked better than the pattern I had downloaded from Pinterest so I thought I would give it ago. The worse that could happen would be that I would have to rip it back and start again…

Well, the pattern worked. There was enough wool. And, I am amazed at how the colours have worked themselves out!! As with almost everything I knit, I have a few mistakes in there, but I am rather pleased with it.

It’s a Christmas present for a 13-year-old girl. I’ve knitted her a hug.

Christmas is here…

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the lights, the films, the music, the food… I like the big fat red man, I love all the little children getting excited… I love that I can come home to some pretty lights when it’s cold and wet and horrible outside… I love the sparkles and the glitter…

What I don’t like is all the effort involved in making things look more Christmassy. I just can’t do it. No matter how much effort I make, or how much time I take, things look like I just threw it all together at the last minute. When I wrap a present, there is lots of crumpled edges. When I decorate my tree, it looks like I stood a few feet away and just threw the Christmas decorations at it.

So, naturally, last year, I had a brain wave.

Some people might call me lazy.

I think I’m just being rather efficient with my time.

Last year I didn’t “undress” my tree. I found an IKEA bag and stored it in that. I put it in the cupboard in my computer room (it’s only a 3 foot tall tree) and just left it there, looking longingly at it, wishing for 1st December to come around…

Well, on the 28th November, I had a last minute visit from my brother and my Grandad so I thought maybe I should put my Christmas tree up to distract them from all the mess where I’ve been doing arts and crafts. So, I got my bag out:


I stood it up, added on the balls that had fallen off and plugged in the lights:


Last night I bought some tinsel and I have decorated various things, including Henry the Hoover:

(Please excuse my messy stairs)

Now I have two 5 meter string of beads to put up. I don’t think I can fit much more on my little tree…

Now I have a Crayola advent calendar to colour in and put under my tree. My choices were limited and it was reduced to £1.50…

Do I say exactly what I mean?

I read Jina Bazzar’s blog post about saying what you mean. I had to chuckle to myself. It’s something that I hear a lot about myself.

Please, please read Jina Bazzar’s blog post – offline friends and family, you’ll see that there’s a ring of truth to it…

After reading this particular blog post, it got me thinking…

 Now-a-days, I tell people things straight, no deviations, because I want them to understand what I’m saying.

This is the line that got me… It’s me.

It’s not that I want to be rude to people or to hurt their feelings, but why should I suffer unnecessarily because of something they do or are doing? Why should I lie about my true opinion?

There are times where I try to use tact. Like, “don’t you want to try it on before you buy it?” could be loosely translated as “if you’re really a dress size 20, I’m Lady Gaga”.

If there’s one thing I won’t be accused of being, it is a push over – except where it concerns my siblings. They’re free to walk all over me and then stamp on me for good measure… If I think someone is incompetent, I will tell them. If I think someone is wasting my time, I will tell them. If someone is doing my head in, I will tell them.

And sometimes, the occasion calls for me to state the obvious…

Likewise, I hope people would tell me to refresh my skills, stop being boring and to go away…


My old neighbour sent me a sewing project in the post. She sent me the felt (pre-cut), the string and material. All I had to do was find the needle and thread and see my mouse together.

My old neighbour and I might have half a century age gap but we have an amazing amount of things in common, from opinions to shared interests. While I am more of a knitter and she’s more of a card maker, we still have a cross over where we exchange ideas and share instructions for projects.

It felt great to receive the mouse parts in the post and I enjoyed making it up.  I don’t need to have my neighbour across the road to share a common interest when we have a post service and e-mail to share our projects through 🙂