I was sitting in this front room when it was drawn to my attention that there was a very vibrant rainbow. Stupidly, I’d left my camera in the car overnight so I had a misty lens. But I took a photo with my phone.


I wonder what is at the bottom of the rainbow for me? A pot of gold would be nice…

Hot chocolate when out and about…

On Saturday I went for a walk with my friend’s brother to a local Nature Reserve. I had sent him a text telling him that I would be taking 2 L of hot chocolate in my flask and for him to bring himself a cup. 

I was almost speechless when he took from his bag a can of squirty cream and a packet of wafer straws. If you’re going to have a hot chocolate when in the wilderness, you really ought to do it properly! There really are no excuses…


A snapshot of my day

Today was my Biochemistry of Cell Function exam. I won’t lie – I know that I haven’t done particularly well but I’m hopeful to have done enough.

I got back to Reading train station and I had 50 minutes to spare before my train back to Farnborough North. I asked the guard if I could go through the gates and look in the shops for some food. He let me through.

Maybe I have seen these before but I’ve never taken any interest. M&S sell glasses of wine. Keeping it classy! Saves swigging from the bottle!


Christmas music

I thought about Christmas Carol’s today as there was a carol service happening (which I didn’t attend). I like a Christmas Carol, but my mood today is for something more uplifting and rhythmic than a solemn and sombre Christmas Carol which I traditionally associate with those sung in church.

The first ones that popped into my head was this one, on YouTube.

It’s definitely gotten me into the festive mood!

December’s snowballing along

It’s nearly exam day. We’re currently ten days into December and it feels like everything is next week away. I feel that December is disappearing too quickly.

I have an exam in four days time and I feel completely unprepared for it. No matter how hard I try, the revision is not going well. I thought I had made some progress, but it turns out that although I know the key points, I’m struggling to get them into a coherent narrative – which is what I need to be able to do, seeing as I’m sitting a written exam. It’s not multiple choice – which I’m glad about. With MCQs I have too many options available to me that I start double guessing myself and wind up with stupidly low grades on those.

I kind of lose a ‘day’ of revision due to sleeping. I have a 2-10:30 am shift on Saturday so I must sleep for part of tomorrow, and when I get home on Saturday. That gives me Sunday to do more revision, and also Monday morning to cram in any other extra’s I find myself panicking about. I suppose that my saving grace is that my exam isn’t until 5:30 in the evening.

I also have only two weeks left until Christmas and a ton of night shifts coming up, so I’m wondering when I’ll get to finish my Christmas shopping. I’m trying not to do it online as I find myself spending too much when I do that.

I really am starting to panic a little bit. Although, with my record cards, I feel that if I can absorb the important points, I just need to make sure they’re in the right order in my exam paper, and then hope I pick up points somehow. I’d much rather have a load of essays and coursework to submit instead.

Complaining over for today…

December Intro

1st December represents a very important date for me. I can begin opening the windows on my advent calendar. What’s more exciting than that? A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away…

1st December also represents that I have 13 sleeps until my big exam. That’s a bit depressing.

December means that I have a run of night shifts leading up to Christmas – which I love. I prefer working the night shift. They fly by quicker. Whilst the rest of the world sleeps, I’m working. I can have a quick look in the shops early in the morning, go home to bed and sleep the day away.

December also means that my brother and I can get the Christmas Tree out and decorate it in our tasteless fashion. I have a feeling that Nanna goes and redecorates it when we’re not looking, but we think it looks terrific when we’ve finished with it.

Most importantly for me, December means that Christmas is just down the road. For me, this means that my next trip to Wales is just over a month away.

I love the run up to Christmas, even if the big day itself feels a bit like an anti-climax. I love the colours, the lights, the music, the smells and the tastes. December is usually always a good month.

Revision Season

It feels like I’m always revising for something. I’ve been revising for an MCQ – which I did on Friday. I don’t think it went well. I’m confident that I got at least 8/40 correct (which makes 20%?). The last MCQ I thought I’d done a lot better than I had, but I only got 32%. Thankfully the MCQs don’t add much to my overall score, and my course work has been pretty good, so I am hopeful that I will do better on the big exam.

The big exam is written. My first written exam, I did terribly at. But the others, I’ve done better on – better than I do on MCQs in general! There aren’t too many options for me to double guess myself. That’s my problem with an MCQ – even if I’m not sure of the answer, there’s process of elimination. But, when I am sure of the answer (or think that I am) I find myself double guessing myself when I see the other options available for me.

These next two weeks, my time will be divided between: working (a total of 7 shifts), Guides (my last 2 meetings) and doing my own things in between revision stints. I have made myself a daily ‘to-do’ list with the things which I want to achieve each day. These other things include: tidying up my room, writing (for a personal project), blogging, going outside and considering my Christmas shopping. Only when I have studied and (most importantly) done the things I want (not need) to do, will I entertain the idea of meeting up with people. Although, I have a social event planned one evening which involves drinking…

Revision feels so much easier when it’s a written exam. First of all, they share the previous exam questions – so I can practice answering those. It shows me where my strengths and weaknesses are and allows me to work on those. Secondly, by looking at the practice exam questions, I can guess the kind of questions that they might ask in the exam. Third, most of my textbooks have a “test yourself” section which means that I can answer those questions, too.

Sadly, with revision season comes stress. So, the desserts will be coming out.