What do I wish for?

I’m wishing for a lot of things at the moment. Above all, I’m wishing for a miracle, but I’ve come to learn that these do not happen for me. Sometimes it feels that not even hard work and perseverance pays off for me! I don’t mean to sound doomy and gloomy, but I do feel a bit miserable that my wishes cannot come true overnight – but when they do come true, they’ll be worth the wait!

Traditionally, sharing your wishes means that they won’t come true. This is a superstition that I have been led to believe whenever I’ve blown out the candles on my birthday cake. But the wish I’m going to share is a well known desire among quite a few people.

I want to move to North Wales by this summer. I fell in love with it this year. If I can secure myself a job, I would move sooner. I’m desperately trying hard to save but there have been a few unexpected expenses lately. My aunt has made a very kind offer, which has eased my mind a lot, but I’m still struggling to see myself in the position to go.

The most important thing about my wish is that I have the support of Nanna, Dad, Fi and a few close friends. I’m terrified but in a very excited way. It’ll be like a new adventure for me. It’ll be the start of my future amongst the sheep!

So, what I wish for at the moment is to wake up tomorrow and everything will fall into place.

I know that won’t happen, but a girl can dream…

I’m not a snob

To quote something which my paternal grandmother once informed my maternal grandmother, brother and I once: [Of course, everyone knows that] I’m not a snob.

This comment was in relation to an opportunity which she could have in her younger days. Not long after making this observation about herself she noticed that my brother and I had brought the milk bottle into the living room instead of pouring the milk into a milk jug. Maybe in the same breath as telling us that she wasn’t a snob, Grandma was telling my brother and I off, informing us I do own a milk jug you know!

From time to time I wonder if I share any characteristics with Grandma. I’m aware that I have ‘quirks’, but I don’t think that they constitute to me being a snob.

Today I went for a walk and took with me a flask of tea, a flask of hot soup and microwaved (reheated) sausages, and a lump of cake which we bought en-route. I also, in my rucksack, took my ‘plate bag’ which I use for camping. It usually lives in my car, so when I am out and about, I can sometimes have a picnic by myself without eating from wrappers. I use the rationale that I’m just being ‘sophisticated’ and ‘classy’.





I think I can apply logic to my lunch – it would have been hard to eat my soup and sausages straight from the flask – but the tea flask has a decent sized lid for me to drink from. My walking buddy was making himself hot chocolate in his flask lid, but there I was, pouring my tea into a cup and slicing myself a bit of cake with every tea break. I can apply logic to the cake on a plate, too – it was a bit crumbly, and I wouldn’t have wanted to waste any by it falling on the floor.

So, I’m thinking that it’s just common sense to take crockery on an outside venture. I can quote Grandma and apply it to myself.

I’m not a snob.

7 things that cross my mind a lot

My mind is always working. I’m always thinking, wondering, questioning and analysing. Currently, these are the top 7 which are crossing my mind a lot.

  1. Will I regret the decisions I make now when I am older? When I say ‘older’, I’m referring to when I reach my 70s and beyond. 
  2. Is there any luck in my lucky bamboo? 
  3. I’m always thinking about my next burger. Where will I have it? When? Will it be a good one? Or will I regret eating it?
  4. I’m thinking a lot about my exam which is in 29 days. I’ve begun revising already. There’s no harm in being prepared. I’m worrying that nothing will stick in my mind. I’ve been doing practice exam questions to try writing against the clock, and I feel that I am doing quite well, but in past experiences, it goes wrong when I get into the exam hall. Positive thinking. I re-ask the question I posed in point 2.
  5. I’m thinking that I need a 2016 calendar. I’ve been thinking this for a while. But I want one with squares in it for the days. I can’t find a plain one in the supermarkets.
  6. I wonder if I’ll get a “lucky break” that some people talk about.
  7. The scientist in me is in awe of how our bodies function. I think about that quite a bit.

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would I do with my remaining time on Earth?

This is quite a thought-provoking question. I first thought that perhaps I would spend it with the people I love the most, but what if they had different plans? And there are so many people who I would want to spend that time with but I wouldn’t want arguments. People would have to get along. People would have to tolerate each other. But then, they might bring people that they love the most. I figured to spend time with the people I love the most might involve too many people and relying on these people to get along.

Then I thought about the passions I have. What would I like to do for one last time? My first ideas were to go for a walk with my camera, to go to the beach, or to go into the lab and perform an experiment – kill some bacteria or something…

But another idea popped into my head. I could do something that I had never done before. The first thing I thought of was to drive a Formula One car. If the world were to end tomorrow, I’m not going to go to prison for my deed.

It came back to being with the people I love the most, on the beach, with my camera and munching on a burger. Also, there would be alcohol with a mug of tea chaser…

3 confessions

Confession 1: if I am responding to you with “yes”, “no” and “mmm”, the chances are I am not listening to you. I’m just being polite.

Confession 2: I borrowed a pen from someone last week and I forgot to give it back. It’s in my bag ready to return because I feel like a thief, but I have not seen that person since.

Confession 3: every time someone tells me I look great, I feel like a million dollars, no matter what my mood. I have lost a lot of weight this year. It’s nice that people notice. Yesterday, Beth made me feel that way. Thank you, Beth.

My day in great detail…

My plans for today had to take a back-seat owing to a lack of sleep and a university deadline which I need to meet before Wednesday. Last night I had hoped to complete the work and submit it but it turns out that I needed some of my notes, which were at home. So, I didn’t make it to the Lord Mayor’s Show in London. Apparently it was no loss as they have cancelled the fireworks tonight anyway.

So, my day in great detail is now a boring narrative!

I woke up this morning at around 1 am to the barbaric news coming out of Paris. I sat in disbelief at what I was watching for a while. I felt sad for the French – it feels like only last week I was watching the coverage from events in Paris from January.

My 2:00-10:30 am shift dragged on a little bit but otherwise it was ok. I came home with every intention to complete my assignment, but instead I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Since waking up, I have done some of the assignment and I have answered another practice exam question ahead of my exam on 14th December. I’ve also been watching the TV – mostly, BBC24 and things that I’ve recorded.

Sadly, my plans changed otherwise I would have a more interesting blog post for today! The highlight of today (so far) has been a chat on the phone with my Dad – informing him of a decision I’ve made and hearing him supportive of me.